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  1. The Good Ship Jesus *The Good Ship Jesus", or the "Jesus of Lubeck," was a 700-ton ship that would become the first vessel to bring Blacks, as slaves, from Africa to the Americas I am Mandinka Jawaaro, Mandinka Warrior From Kunga to Sinkandinga And, with these black fingers Curled around my spear and my shield, I stood with other boys, who wished to become men And learned the dances of death; Learned the Warrior Ways; Learned the tactics, strategies and rules of engagement Training from dusk ‘til dawn, as the Elders instructed, But knowing in my heart that no
  2. REDEEMER: Glitch Part 2 12DEC We now continue the celebration of the release of my latest urban science fiction novel, Redeemer, with Part 2 of Redeemer: Glitch, the episodic short story based on the book. Don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers – the story is an alternate timeline, told from the point of view of our hero’s younger, wilder, vengeful self. So, sit back once more and enjoy part two of Redeemer: Glitch! REDEEMER: Glitch Part 2 Glitch: A minor malfunction, mishap, or technical problem; a snag Danny Sweet forced a smile as he sat across the table from Vi
  3. To celebrate the release of my latest urban science fiction novel, Redeemer, I will share an episodic short story based on the book for the next three posts. Don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers –the story is an alternate timeline, told from the point of view of our hero’s younger, wilder, vengeful self. So, grab a cup of chai tea, or your favorite brew, sit back and enjoy part one of Redeemer: Glitch! REDEEMER: Glitch Part 1 Glitch: A minor malfunction, mishap, or technical problem; a snag The din of raucous laughter echoed throughout the private dining room of Say
  4. Lively inDEED! I have been an avid reader of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror since early childhood, starting with comic books (Thor and the Fantastic Four). I now write speculative fiction as much as I read it, particularly Sword & Soul and Steamfunk - both with elements of horror - and Urban Science Fiction. I read - and write - speculative fiction because I enjoy doing so and because I feel speculative fiction inspires us to ask "What if?" - a question that must be ask before building anything, including a better future.
  5. What We Can Learn From The Chinese Author Neil Gaiman shared a fascinating fact. While appearing as a Guest of Honor at China’s largest state approved Science Fiction convention, Neil decided to enquire why Science Fiction, once frowned upon by the Chinese government, was now not only approved of, but encouraged, with China now the world’s largest market for Science Fiction, with the highest circulation of Science Fiction magazines and the largest Science Fiction conventions. The answer Neil was given is very interesting. China is the world’s manufacturing powerhouse. But it doesn’t inv
  6. I would consider the woman in the photo fat and obese. I have spent a good amount of time in west Africa and most sisters are actually not large chested. They DO have ample butts, though and are well-toned.
  7. Indeed, it is a paradox, Cynique. However, since many of my associates put little value on fiction, Yet are avid readers of nonfiction, I felt the dissertation was a necessary one. Thanks, so much, for your feedback!
  8. WHEN KEEPIN’ IT REAL GOES WRONG: Is Fiction More Powerful than Nonfiction? I am a “Conscious Brother”. What is that, you ask? “A Conscious Brother” is a Black man who possesses a knowledge of – and love for – his history, culture and people. He knows that, because of the color of his skin, he is – by law, or tradition – politically, economically and socially discriminated against and he works – in a myriad of ways – to fight against said discrimination. Of course, there are also “Conscious Sisters”. I hang out with Brothers and Sisters who are both “conscious” and not-so-“conscious”
  9. Hilarious...and sad at the same time! What emoticon fits that ? Umm...
  10. What is Steamfunk? Watch this video from the Steamfunk Panel at the Mahogany Masquerade and discover the history...the philosophy...the films; the literature; and the Movement!
  11. Thanks, Troy! Yet another author whose work I must explore. Thank you!
  12. Atlanta, GA November 30, 2012 - Sent nearly thirty years into the past as an unwilling subject in a time travel experiment, Ezekiel Cross must save his younger self from the deadly path that forged him into the ruthless killer he is. This edge-of-your-seat thriller is both gangster saga and science fiction epic – “Goodfellas” meets “The Time Machine”. AVAILABLE NOW!
  13. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY? Urban Fiction’s Impact on Black Literacy! My introduction to Urban Fiction in literature began with Mario Puzo’s The Godfather, which I read when I was eight or nine years old. A few years after going nuts over the film version, which released in 1972 and The Godfather II, which released in 1974. My love for The Godfather, led me to seek out gangster films and books with Black people as the heroes, thus became a lifelong (not so) secret love affair with Blaxploitation films and Urban Literature. I could quote every line from Shaft, The Mack, Coffee, and my favo
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