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  1. Well, look who finally showed up. Welcome aboard, Chrishayden. You finally took the plunge into this mire which used to be a discussion board. I have to agree with you about Obama. He does seem oblivious to how oblivious he is. He doesn't seem to be the least bit aware of how unaware he is. With a serious expression on his face, he gave his first year in office a "A-". Like I continue to complain, it's the little things that reduce him to inadequacy. It would've been so easy and diplomatic for him to give himself an "incomplete" when grading his first year. But, no, he has to make himself look deluded.
  2. In the world of entertainment, it does make sense that an industry controlled by white moguls doesn't hesitate to exploit race. A lot of politics is involved in the "bestowing-of-awards" process. It's not always about good performances but about whose turn it is. Taking this a step further, white Hollywood always seizes an opportunity to pat itself on the back, and nominating pictures about Blacks for Oscars will placate those who might accuse the industry of being racist. Blacks who point out that the pictures and roles singled out for recognition are always ones about the down side of black life, have a point. Aestheticism is Tinseltown is always tainted by cynicism.
  3. Yes, the end is near. The world is in a state of utter turmoil. First the Haiti disaster, then Jay and Oprah and Dave and now, in the midst of one of its worst blizzards in years, during the wee small hours of the night, the great prairie state of Illinois experienced an EARTHQUAKE that registered a scary 4.8! Reports have been pouring in from pet owners who claim their unusually restless animals sensed what was about to happen and I, myself, must confess that at about 4:AM last night I had an urge to howl. Egads! It's time for me to get the hell outta here. Stop the world I wanna get off!
  4. I saw Sade's guest appearances both on the "Today Show", and David Letterman. My girl is as cool as ever. The years have been good to her. In performing "Soldier of Love" a surefire hit, she didn't miss a beat. Welcome back, girlfriend, what a great alterative your luscious husky voice is to the histrionics of Mary J. and the squealing of Mariah.
  5. I don't know if any of you are familiar with one of the greatest lyricist to ever inhabit the realm of the "American song book". His name was Johnny Mercer, a good ol boy from Savannah, Georgia, who penned the words to hundreds of songs most of which were popular during the 1940s and 50s, and which continue to dominate the ranks of old standards today. I can't think of any of my favorite love ballads which, when I check, didn't have it words written by Johnny Mercer. Ray Charles recorded quite a few of his songs, as did Ella and Sarah Vaughn and other jazz vocalists. Anyhow, Johnny Mercer's 100th birthday was recently celebrated by music historians, and his life story was chronicled in a documentary on the TCM cable channel. This was a very in-depth look at his life and times, and included in its details was the affair that this married man carried on with Judy Garland for years. This was something I never knew. It also mentioned that Mercer was what was known as a "mean drunk", a guy who although was very affable when sober, was rude and insulting when intoxicated. Something else I never suspected. So, documentaries have been known to spare no details when showcasing the life of a celebrity. Skeletons in the closet are regularly unearthed. Incidentally, Bill Withers and Denise Nicholas' marriage only lasted a little over a year. She didn't waste any time extricating herself from what was rumored to have been a very violent relationship.
  6. Well, I don't know about Google, Troy, but you sure have some impressive digs! Boat parties that include Zane on the guest list...hob-nobbing with the likes of Cornel West and Bill Withers...leisure trips to Nigeria! Must be nice to be an affluent man of the world! Seriously, Google certainly sets the stage for a "Big Brother is watching you" society of the future.
  7. I don't think current complaints about "Precious" have to do with the castration of black men, per se. What many people are disturbed about is how the motion picture establishment always chooses to reward films and roles that depict the most depraved aspects of black life, as exemplified by the performances Halle Berry and Denzel Washington were recognized for. Sandra Bullock, for instance, is up for an Oscar for her portrayal of a magnanimous white woman, and Meryl Streep for her impersonation of an iconic gormet chef. The other white female nominees include actresses who played sympathetic and supportive mates to their woegotten men. Contrast this with Monique and Gaby's characters. I don't agree that the flak over "Precious" is a matter of certain Blacks whining. It's just a case of them shaking their heads about a familiar pattern.
  8. Seems to me that this film should've been specific as to whether it was a look at "Bill Withers, - the man and his music", or "Bill Withers - a life examined". The latter should certainly be a portrait the included "warts" and all. To call attention to the fact that Withers was a stutterer has nothing to do with his music but could've been linked to an inner turmoil that not only showed up in his speech but later in his relationships, taking the form of violence. A total assessment of Bill Withers has to include his personal life and it is possible to mention his tumultuous relationship with another celebrity without making him a villain, but rather a troubled men. His inner demons may indeed, have been what contributed to his soulful compositions. IMO. Too often people don't want their heroes to have feet of clay, but nobody is perfect and a man's body of work can be separated from his character flaws. The truth may hurt but it shouldn't be suppressed. Having one's indiscretions exposed comes with the territory of being famous. Just ask Bill Cosby. Frank Sinatra is never discussed without making mention of his volatile marriage to Ava Garner and Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's fights were legendary. I could go on and on but - your pop culture vulture is signing off for now.
  9. "Precious" is certainly tailor-made for Whites who like nothing better than to seize an opportunity to feel good about themselves by sympathizing with authentic down-and-out black characters. What better way for them to reinforce their feelings of superiority than to see Blacks portrayed as the victims of their own immorality, This relates to why white celebs are all out there raising money for Haitians who are doomed by the misfortune that seems to be their lot in life - why white do-gooders flocked to this hell hole, playing healers to the sick and saviors to orphans. After all, God has ordained them to cure the ills of the world because people like Haitians are incapable of helping themselves! Charity is, of course, a commendable pursuit, but the other side of this coin is condescention. Yes, I know, these people are sincere and caring. They never met a cause they weren't ready, at the drop of a hat, to lavish their caring sincerity on. As for "Precious", it's not like this movie will enlighten white audiences. What it does is confirm what they already suspect. While black folks exude a "so what else is new" attitude after seeing this film, white people upon viewing it want it to be rewarded for its true grit. Oprah praises it and so should everybody else. But the joke is on them, and it takes the form of Gaby's TV interviews, as there she sits, chirping away in full "valley girl" mode, in effect, mocking her patronizers. In the meantime, her sidekick Monique does the best acting job of her career by humoring the Hollywood powers-that-be into thinking that what she was doing on screen was acting.
  10. Move over Angelina and Brad. Beyonce and Jay-Z are the new #1 power couple of the entertainment industry. And Beyonce did it without adopting a trio of mutants from another planet. She married one instead. And Bey might've won the most awards at the Grammy telecast, but that "drill" she didn't "put a ring on" couldn't compare with Pink's near-nude acrobatic "circus act" which stole the show. And where was Kanye West when we needed him? Taylor Swift has to be the most overrated talent around. She's as boring as Lady GaGa is bizarre. Heidi Klum and her spouse looked like the Little Mermaid and her pet Seal. Nicole Kidman and her hubby looked like a blond Snow White and one of her dwarfs. Jennifer Hudson needs a new hair stylist, and Rihanna needs a personality transplant. Who was the kid she lugged to the mike with her. A love child she's been keeping a secret? Wonder if that "big fat black girl" dancing on the stage with the Rappers is a sign that all of the "Preciouses" of the world are going to get their day in the sun ala, Biggy Smalls. Justice is served - along with chicken and bisquits and mashed potatoes. Michael Jacksons' kids are already showing signs of loving the spotlight. Too bad they can't speak without stumbling over their words. They were almost as bad as Wicliffe Jean. I thought Lil Wayne was in jail but there he was running around the stage like he had "warrants", all the while having his lyrics bleeped. And who was Jamie Foxx spoofing in his Napoleon outfit? To his credit, he did appear to have had too much Ak-ak-ak-ak-akohol. Thank goodness, "Slash" and his guitar showed up. OK, this is your pop culture vulture signing off for now...
  11. I can't believe I'm writing this, but the rationale for the lament I am about to make is that you miss a toothache when it's gone and I miss my "frienemy" Chrishayden! He really did contribute a lot to this board with the strident opinions he laced with ridicule and wit. But who could really hate a fella who hated negroes who hated other negroes especially when the other negroes happened to be negroes he liked. Watta guy! I can't believe Crissy didn't cross over. Maybe he's still trying to access the old board, totally confused as to what happened. He was a very knowledgeable dude but - well, you know, sometimes what was obvious didn't register with him or maybe, like me, he doesn't dig the change. Could it be that our boy is aimlessly strolling around the mean streets of St. Louis, dodging muggers, stepping over drunks, and winking at hookers, wistfully reminiscing about the Internet soap box he has abandoned. COME BACK, CHRISHAYDEN. ALL IS FORGIVEN! Your Mayberry Maven, CYNIQUE
  12. Well, Thumper, I am of the opinion that there is no such thing as useless knowledge. Knowledge is, indeed, power. I don't think a reader can ever go wrong by broadening his/her outlook, rather than limiting it. So, in response to your question, I would say, yes, black people should diversify their reading habits. A good book is always a learning experience, and the universal themes that characterize good books are made even more compelling and enlightening when they are filtered through a culture other than one with which a reader is familiar. One of your and my favorites, "Gone With The Wind", was such a successful paragon because of a universal story line that was not only about love but about survival. In the process of reading this book, the culture of the old South was brought to life, which was something black people needed to know about no matter how galling it was. Bottom line is that one of the main things that this historical novel had going for it was that it was very interesting!
  13. What does dredging up this long post which only included input from a fraction of the regular posters prove, carey? Aside from being a show case for your self-indulgence, what was said in the thread that was so revealing or that anybody would want to retract??? And what "mess" is it that needs to be brought to light???
  14. A different slant on the new format is what I wanted to hear, Yvette, and you provided one. It's almost like we are analysing a Rorschach ink blot, with each person seeing this updated board in a way that reflects their unique mind set. Although I am getting better at navigating my way around, I still miss the unfettered access of the old board, - how easy it was to respond to posts and how visible the topics being discussed were, - no barriers or procedures to follow in order to jump into a debate or to read one in progress. But, I will make this my final complaint. It's Troy's call and he's the HNIC.
  15. The mysterious poster did not proof-read her first post so I cross Robynmarie off because she is in the journalism field.
  16. For so long, I've heard so much about "Catcher in the Rye" but in spite of it being touted as the definitive novel of my generation, I never read it because its voice was that of a white youth confronting life, something I didn't identify with. But I am now planning to check it out. I was interested to read in Salinger's numerous obituaries that this book was the "bible" of Mark Chapman, the guy who killed, Beatle, John Lennon. lnnon
  17. Back in the day Bill and Denise were a high-profile couple and when they split, it was common knowledge that it was due to spousal abuse on his part! Your pop culture vulture signing off for now.
  18. Black men are the ones who complain that black women are too choosy! They insist there are a lot of decent ordinary brothers out there, but professional black women with college degrees will not settle for them. The women who are featured in the first post on this thread are typical of a broad segment of single black women. After making something of themselves and acquiring possessions, they do not want to marry an eligible bachelor who has dropped out of high school and works in a factory. And they certainly wouldn't be attracted to a white, beer-swilling, hockey-loving slob who works as a pizza delivery man.
  19. The gist of what I am saying is that dating, per se, is not that much of a problem among black women. Getting married is what is elusive. Yes, a black woman can date men of all races, but finding a non black man who she would consider marrying and - who wants to marry her is just as hard as finding a black man who she would consider marrying and who wants to marry her. The issue is actually about being "choosey". Black women are no more interested in marrying an unsuitable non black man than they are in marrying a non-suitable black one. For black women, it's not so much about broadening their choices, it's about lowering their standards - something many of them are not willing to do. Obviously, this remains a controversial issue but until fine, intelligent, personable, white men with good jobs start preferring to marrying their black counterparts rather than their white ones, then the specter of reality will continue to raise its ugly head. But this is the year 2010, and it's a whole new world out there, so - who knows???
  20. It's wishful thinking to believe that black women have options when it comes to finding a suitable mate. No matter how much a single sista "refines" herself, she is still at the behest of single males, - black or otherwise. No matter how much she broadens her choices, she still has to compete with the women of other ethnicities who are too often the preferred choices of men in general. It's not about black women rennovating themselves. It's about black men being loyal to their race, and giving a good black woman a chance. What I hear a lot from single black ladies is you have to start early - latch on to a highschool or college sweetheart and hang on to him long enough to lead him to the altar. It's just an irony of life that a good black man is hard to find, and being a good black woman is no guarantee that you will win over a black guy who has his pick from a wide spectrum of women.. IMO.
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