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  1. Well, here I am on “Thumper‘s Corner”, fighting off claustrophobia, cloistered in my little niche that is part of a network of cubicles equipped with a maze of “links” which will not only connect members to various features, but will also enable them to make contact with other inmates with whom they can engage in a one-on-one exchange that somebody else may choose to eavesdrop on and even decide to go through the challenge of posting a response to. Some fun, huh? Huddled here in my little pod, I am full of curiosity about the state of limbo “the board” is now suspended in. Currently,
  2. Let me guess. You're Kola Boof! Seriously, I can't imagine who you are.
  3. Who could resist the charms of an old Chinese woman! Don't knock it. She was probably very skilled in the ancient oriental art of providing sexual pleasure. And thanks for welcoming me back, Troy. Nice to know you haven't run out of patience with me.
  4. Hi Nels, Are you are you ready to ruuuuuumble???
  5. Hi FK! Congrats on securing an agent for your book! Yes, I crossed over, but I'm currently treading water.
  6. Well, here I am, drowning in a sea of voidness. CHRISHAYDEN, WHERE ARE YOU WHEN WE NEED YOU???? The board seems to be bogged down with a host of Obama clones - people who do nothing. Except for Xenon. Love your new user name, Babe. Hi to all my gurlfriends who, as usual, make it all worthwhile. Sorry, Troy I only give the new board a "C". "C" for cynical about change not always being better. I am still trying to figure things out. How about my hair on that goofy picture?? I've thrown in the towel, no more Clairol. My hair turned almost white over night so I've made the adjustment wh
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