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  1. @Troy I agree. And it's time for more people to do the heavy lifting. I honestly thought at my age (49) I'd never see as many white americans fight as vigorously and publicly against racism and intolerance. Certainly never thought I'd see a black president. So there's progress being made, for sure. But it has always about race. I'm reminded of that everyday. I can't help folks with their racism and don't think it's my job.
  2. @Cynique I know you have seen so much. My respects to your strength and resilience ma'am.
  3. I will not waste any of my precious time on this planet explaining humanity to racial aggressors. None. They will need to sort it out amongst themselves. In the meantime I will live life, associate with human beings who are secure with who/what they are, go where I feel welcome and avoid where I don't.
  4. Folk are shook because this guy seemingly had it all together. Same with the "opiod crisis." Why are seemingly wholesome young people from middle class backgrounds and two-parent households more or less committing suicide? Whyyy? It's all tragic. But until people can point a finger to their own chest and say "I" am the miscreant. "I" am the junkie. "I" need therapy, it goes on. In the meantime media scrambles to place blame somewhere. These folks need to have the talk with themselves that goes something like, "Maybe I don't have it all together and need to examine why I don't."
  5. Thank you. I hope to reboot my blogging at some point but for a few takes on that crazy world check out: RestaurantWinners.wordpress.com and the book is also called Restaurant Winners which I self-published in Fall 2015. Cheers.
  6. Sure. The last ten and a half years I operated a quick-service neighborhood restaurant, which we opened when our children were both very young - under three years old. Long story short the demands of a 7 day a week operation, scarcity of good help (no matter how much you pay them) and desire to reclaim our weekends and family time outweighed the money and quasi-fame of restaurant ownership. For now, anyway. We also owned/operated a catering business some years back before the kids came along and were in and out of W-2 gigs so we've been on both sides. I still and will always push for entrepreneurship! Freedom! Whatever business category one pursues I recommend a THOROUGH amount of planning and soul searching. And here's the trick: Never go in with an attitude of "Will it work?" Will I have enough customers/clients/contracts? Your attitude MUST be, "How will I handle all the damn business I'll be getting?" And that's the ONLY attitude you should have. Generally things will work out... All the above was the subject of my book/blog "Restaurant Winners" (shameless plug).
  7. Hello all. Not sure where to post a general greeting so I'm just getting in where I fit in. I've had an account since last year and had intentions of joining the party then but got sidetracked by the fascination/horror of the election season. I also was in the process of preparing to exit the restaurant business of which I've been involved with for many years. I'm happy to talk about that and whatever else. Just don't ask me to cook. (Although I make potato salad you can trust.) Congratulations on a great community and I look forward to participating.
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