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  1. Hello, I hope everyone is doing Okay. I wanted to take this moment to throw a question out that I've been curious about. What do you think about the power of the black writer today? Is it more powerful or less powerful? If less powerful why do you think that is? And, what would you say was an era where the black writer was the most powerful? I know I asked more than one question, you can just answer one of them if you want. I'm not demanding answers, these are just thoughts I'm curious about.
  2. Hello, Harry. I think that's a great idea. And to take it a step further, I think that day should be one of the days within black history month. A month where the young black community can be educated on what the "regular" school system lacks to teach us about. Some young blacks didn't even have African American history class (I did, girlfriend didn't). We have to be the ones that educate and celebrate our people. And of course those that oppose will say, "Well Veteran's Day represents everyone that fought for us." Just like the flag represents freedom and just for all... Yeah.
  3. @Delano, because I was thinking that it wasn't regarding screenwriting. I seen most of the post were about other fields of writing. I'll look back into it though. @Cynique, Even though it's not much stuff in my field on here, I like the idea of being in something a little different. It's good for balance, my balance anyway. And absolutely, I've had lots of criticism and feedback. Since I first started back in 2012, lol (boy we came a long way). And all of it has made me the writer I am today. I do have like two screenwriters that's familiar with my work that I share with. One recen
  4. @Delano, I looked through the post sections before I posted it. I didn't see any employment sections, so I picked somewhere I thought It would fit. And Okay, I'll keep that one in mind. I had no problem with you not giving me career advice, that's your preference. I only took issue in the first place because it appeared that my character and who I am as a person was being questioned. Being told I'm trying to "run" things, being told I think my perspective is "superior" to everyone else. I took issue with that because that's the opposite of who I am as a person. But, that's how you guys address
  5. @Delano, I'll rephrase something you said, but it really doesn't matter. That's your perspective. If you think I have "false modesty", that's you. I'm not going to take the time to defend that, I don't have to. You're overanalyzing my statements. If you'd read my conversations with @Cynique, You'd see there's nothing false about that, or maybe you won't see it and find something else to argue with me about. I feel like you want me to admit to being a certain way that I'm not, I can't entertain that, man. @Cynique, Oh, Okay. That's close enough.
  6. Completely understood @Cynique. I'm glad you have an understanding. And I like the backstory with the name there. It's all coming together. Funny enough, it's the same with my Granny. Since she's known about this writing journey, she's been against. I've convinced her over time, she still slips in her comments thought. But, I love her. You're southern, aren't you? Something feels familiar about you. And @Delano, I don't really look at it like that. I'm just giving my perspective. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't have the ego to pull such a statement off. I know people like that,
  7. On that note, I apologize for the misunderstanding. Let's just say all of this was our introduction to each other, lol.
  8. I'll agree with that, @Cynique. Yes, I'm new to new on here, so I was unaware that what I was addresses was simply a norm on here. You all are used to each other and I understand the nature here now. I'll be sure to pay such arguments no mind next time. That's not really what I'm on here for. And naturally, I'm not really the arguing type (It's my girlfriend's thing). And even if I was arguing, I'm just not a person that believes in throwing insults in an argument. Especially given you all are older than me, I wouldn't address you like that no matter how much I disagreed. I was raised on respe
  9. @Troy I have a Twitter (that's what I'm on more than anything, I like it better), I have a stage 32, I have a Linkedin, I've established a blogger page now. I'm just not a fan of Facebook. I never gravitated to it. I did with Twitter though. And yes, I agree, I think disagreements are important as well, never said they weren't. I also didn't take it personally, but it seemed like my peers were to some extent. I was pointing to the fact that there were insults being attached to the disagreements, I don't think that's a productive argument, because naturally, another insult will be r
  10. Okay, I don't really like to get in people's business, but @Pioneer1, @Delano, and @Cynique, what you're doing here is another one of the problems amongst our culture. I know that we have our different views, but that should never overshadow the fact that we're all trying to go the same direction. Yeah, we're taking different paths and we come from different generations, but why not find a common ground instead of contrasting amongst each other? I shall mention the color white again, the FBI of the 1970s pit the black panthers against each other and that's what led to their demise. That was on
  11. Sounds about right, lol. Thanks for having our back. My generation is about breaking cycles.
  12. Lol, you know what, I knew that was wrong. I kept looking at that word. My eyes tired, I've been writing all day today. Thank you. Let me see if I can edit it.
  13. Just their plot to keep us in check being they're not the majority anymore. They got to have the up some kind of way, you know how that goes.
  14. I second everything that @Pioneer1 is saying. Non-blacks are being taken advantage of, and blacks don't build smarter circles, most have this stay in the family mentality. Some of us are too proud to reach out to other blacks for help, others have trust issues because someone doesn't agree with their particular idea. And to answer " One simple answer for the most part, money. To most of us oppressed folks, you flash money in front of us and you've already reeled us into to be manipulated at will. Also, we don't know what to say yes to, and what to say no to. Which is branch
  15. Hey, Troy. Yes, I have been warned about taking writing jobs for free. I'm not in favor of that at all, especially right now. And I'll be sure to check out your article. And yeah, I have a stage 32 profile (like a Facebook for writers, directors, ect in the film, television, and theater industries). I've managed to build networks with peers, professionals and up and comers. The problem on that site is, it's not hardly any black ones on there. And that's been another issue. I've been looking for black screenwriter’s organization, but the ones I found were outdated and basically none
  16. Hello, Cynique ( I don't think I've heard this name before) That is definitely a fact, and that's why I push with so much poise. So people can see that I'm not alone in this issue. And I appreciate the advice. And yep, you're right about that. Thanks again for the kind words, Cynique.
  17. Hello, Mel. The thing is, amongst my small circle of writer friends in Full Sail regarding my specific field and what I’m seeking, I've been that person with the connections, lol (and sadly, nobody really utilized it, they just listen to the instructors, you know?). A lot of the friends I had just started writing, I started this six years ago. So, I was doing all the research, got connected on stage 32 and build some connections with professionals (I've emailed people on there, they just didn't respond). Yeah, that's been another problem, the people I know that are professionals, they always s
  18. Hello, my fellow black writers. I’m a recent graduate (June 2017) of Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s degree for Creative Writing in Entertainment. I write character-driven drama films focused around the young black man to give our society a different viewpoint of who we are and to show that we’re living humans like everyone else. I introduce myself to you all on here in frustration. I feel that I’m not being given fair consideration when it comes to the writing jobs out there. Here it is November again, I’ve been looking for a writing job since last November. And don’t mean
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