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1 minute ago, Pioneer1 said:

preference is someone you would RATHER have but it doesn't exclude others.


Most men don't even use this correctly tho. At least you understand that.


I still believe you are splitting hairs, but I'll play along. Most men still do have types. Men will say they have preferences but exclude whole groups of women for one TYPE. Like light skinned over darker tones or skinny over plump.


You might be the exception tho. 😊 

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Who men SAY they want and like and who they end up actually SLEEPING WITH are often as different as day and night.

Back when we were in our late teens and early 20s, I know a lot of dudes who used to laugh when I said I liked older women.
They'd clown and say "You like saggy titties with dried up powdered milk in them, huh nigga!!!"

But the weird thing is if they see me kicking it with an older co-worker in her 60s or 70s then all of a sudden they'd get jealous and wonder why she's talking to me so much and not them.  Then a few weeks later they're all up in her face talking about she doesn't look her age and acting surprised that she's a grandma.   
Next thing you know they're telling me,  "Mayne..some of these older women got BODIES on them....na'mean?????"



"Yeah, but you weren't talking like
that 3 weeks ago......"



Nigga fulla shit.....

You can't always go by what people SAY, you have to watch their BEHAVIOR to determine what's really on their minds.

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