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Valentine's Day are questions

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My answers to the following Valentine's Day 2023 questions are in the link, but the questions are the following
What medium or style of art are you most obsessed with?
What love-themed artwork(s) do you believe are the most powerful, and why?
Has love or obsession inspired you to create a work of art? If so, share it in your comment and talk about how the feeling inspired it!

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I can't say that I've experienced obsession....but I HAVE definitely experienced Love, many times.

It has inspired me to do many things.
Simply thinking about the woman I loved at the time, and what it would take to impress her.


Years ago a secret was uncovered...........
Most men will do almost anything to gain the Attraction or atleast the Attention of the women he desires.   

This is one of the reasons sports teams often have scantily clad cheerleaders making noise and bouncing up and down while showing support.                             

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