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Malcolm. X. Black. Economic. Speech

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On. YouTube. Malcolm. X. Said. If. White. Immigrants. Can. Come. To,This. Country. And. Put. Their. Money. Together. And. Create ,Businesses. In. Their. Community. We. Should. Be. Able. To. Do. It....The. Church. Preachers. Steal. All. The. Church  Money. To. Buy,Cars. And. Houses. ..They. Do. Not. Care. About. Black. ,Communities. Including. Preacher. Farrakhan,Warnock ,T. D. Snakes,Creflo  Cash flow Dollar. .NAACP. Black Politicians. ,Cannot,Trust. ,,What. Did. Black.  Lives. Matter Do,. With. The. 90 - Million,Dollars. They. Got. ?  Did  They. Help. Start. Black. Businesses   ?  Help. Black. Farmers. ?  Black. Democrats. And. The,Black. Democratic. House. Speaker. Afraid. To. Speak. Kwanzaa ,Principles. White. Democrats. Will. Get. Angry. .The. NAACP ,Black ,Politicians. Are. Afraid. Of. Preachers. And. White. Democrats. ...???

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