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Grey Hair On Men

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Hey, I have a question for the ladies of the site.......

Do any of you find grey or a completely white beard or hair on a man attractive or unattractive?

I'm talking the grey or white hair alone, I'm not talking about other features that come with aging like wrinkles, sagging muscles, big bellies, or other characteristics......I'm talking strictly hair.

Assuming all factors remain the same, if a man has a full head of white hair or fully white beard...would you find him just as attractive as if it were fully black?

I'm interested in hearing from women of various ages BTW.....not just those in our age group.
If there are any women in their 20s who are lurking and want to chime in....they are more than welcomed to do so....lol

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36 minutes ago, Pioneer1 said:

Damn that looks fake.

Dude looks like a mannequin.

Right.  That dye job is ridiculous especially because dude is going to ruin pillowcases. 🤣😎

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