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Who doesn't want advantage?

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but i ask you, what should the state of white priviledge be ? Why wouldn't a majority of whites in a state, not demand advantages in their favor when that was and is the status quo or what their forebears made the usa for?



One of the problems I have with so many in the USA is they don't seem to comprehend that many  others in the USA don't  share their view and no true majority exists. Yes, some try to talk about the legal code. But the legal code of the usa was created by people whose actions most cancellers in the USA today will consider worthy of being cancelled. In the black community in the USA the variance between blacks who want equality side blacks who want , to be blunt, superiority has been one of the problems. Not because one is right or wrong but because the goals have no middle ground and that extends into the black people who desire a form of communalism over individual rights in the black community aside the black people who desire individual freedom in the black community over communal function. Unity between goals when one wants to go left while the other right. The two goals are polar opposites. Those who want advantage side those who do not, in all races: phenotypical/gender/age/religion/language/philosophy/financial standing,  or other in the USA is the main battle in the USA or each community in the USA but one that can not be one without violence inevitably. 

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What happened in TN is a great example of how racism white supremacy is still alive in America.


The system of white supremacy has been so fine tuned now that they can give non-white folks the illusion of power or having a voice and snatch it away. White supremacists even know the Black people playbook when it comes to airing their grievances. 


The craziest part of this situation is that the expelled two young AfroAmerican TN state ssenators were protesting the latest gun violence carried out with an assault style weapon that took the lives of 8 white folks (3 children) and 1 AfroAmerican man.


But, the majority GOP senate body was mostly determined to put those young AfroAmerican men back in their place. They didn't expel the white woman who stood with them. Racism written all over that situation here in 2023. 


Regardless of whether or not they are reinstated, I hope  the two young AfroAmerican TN state senators will keep up their movement.  With their social mediia platforms, young AfroAmericans have a vehicle for confronting racism white supremacy. 😎

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