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Presidential Campaign Coverage is a Reality TV Program

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Am I the only one who thinks the coverage of the presidential campaign is indistinguishable from a reality TV program?


Use of purportedly real people - √

Situations or environment manipulated - √

Interactions designed to appear unscripted - √

Participants in direct competition - √

Live footage edited to "enhance" story - √

Goal is to provide entertainment - √√

That said, I'm not sure we the public would have it any other way. :(

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It's hard to attribute anything real to Mitt Romney because he's so phony. This presidential race also comes across like an advertising campaign. Vote for my product because it's guaranteed to bring results. ( Of course there are side effects that can kill you. Or if you read the label's small print, you'll find out that artificial flavoring has been added.)

Reality show? Yeah. Keeping up with the Kandidates. Yawwwwwn.

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