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Once Upon a Time In Afrika by Balogun Ojetade


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An exciting Sword and Soul tale by Balogun Ojetade, Once Upon a Time in Afrika tells the story of a beautiful princess and her eager suitors. Desperate to marry off his beautiful but "tomboyish" daughter, Esuseeke, the Emperor of Oyo, consults the Oracle. The Oracle tells the Emperor Esuseeke must marry the greatest warrior in all Onile (Afrika). To determine who is the greatest warrior, the Emperor hosts a grand martial arts tournament inviting warriors from all over the continent. Unknown to the warriors and spectators of the tournament a powerful evil is headed their way. Will the warriors band together against this evil?

Buy your copy today at www.mvmediaatl.com

Also available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com



You can read an excerpt from Once Upon a Time in Africa here: http://www.scribd.co...n-Afrika-Excert

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I'm calling these things to your attention because, as you know, the first impression is very important when plugging a book. And I want your desire to advance the genre you have created to be up to speed because it is an important addition to the world of black publishing.

I would also suggest that the term "tomboyish" is not in keeping with the idiom of ancient times because it is a word of recent usage. I think when referring to Esuseeke, the word "athletic" would've been better because this is a word that describes someone of any gender who is fit and agile and skilled in sports. Also, in the 5th line of the blurb, it should be warriors instead of warrior.

Little things mean a lot, Milton, and I hope you accept my criticism as constructive. -_-

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I hate to admit it but I'm the typo master. My own PC betrays me by auto-correcting my spelling errors and inserting the wrong word. My brain even conspires against me by failing to catch the errors until after documents have been sent to the printer or emailed to 20 thousand people.

I really appreciate when people point out mistakes on the website. I'm updating the price list and am find an error on every page -- it is a wonder I can stay in business :huh:

Milton, here is a short link to Amazon http://bit.ly/boafrika if you think one for B&N would be useful let me know. These links will generate revenue for AALBC.com and count toward my bestsellers list (the author get the same commission, and the reader pays the same price win-win-win.

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Thanks, Troy. I'll use it. I'm not the best editor myself, which is why I pay folks to do it for my novels. Short blurbs like this I do myself, and when I'm rushing to get something out, which I was, mistakes ensue. I'm contacting LSI now so I can make the changes. Amazon and B&N just copy whatever LSI sends them. I hope to have it changed soon.

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