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Have you experienced mental telepathy?


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On 9/4/2022 at 11:56 AM, Delano said:

@Michel Montvertsearch "absolute elsewhere" + "Dudley Moore" it's a clip about time

I got the music but no Dudley. Not bad music...


If time is cyclical, and our lives are in part determined by karmic imperatives, I've wondered if when we reach a point on the cycle where we are repeating something from past cycles, we don't have a perception of that prior time. I've often felt that at times when I am relaxed, in an interval between actions, that I glimpse the same circumstance but in a different place, in the past. It is as if I'm being made aware that what I'm doing is part of a larger pattern, to realize that this keeps happening, and I should get it right this time.


In India such talk is readily accepted. It is said that Indians did a poor job of recording their history because they never considered the specifics of this time around the cycle to be of much importance. Understanding the cycles is more important than the points along the timeline of a particular one.


Some have said that our existence is simply bits of Creator trying to find their way back home. Time perhaps is the means by which we were separated. It's a giant cosmic game. Time ends for each individual, perhaps, at the time of moxa (enlightenment), and yet for everyone that point will occur at the same "time". or within the same timelessness.

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