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Astrology Sun signs

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According to what popular astrology attributes to my sign, I am not a typical Leo, being neither extravagant, nor maternal nor flamboyant. And I have not found myself to be more compatible with any one sign.  I also have never found the old saying about opposites attracting to be true when it came to mates.  I always gravitated toward men whose ideas jibed with mine because agreeing rather than arguing was more romantic   I could never have hooked up with a conservative tight-assed bible thumper. 


Signs and challenges aside,  over the years, I always found it odd that whenever I was confrontational with a guy, he always thought I wanted to give him "some".   The male ego is something else. 


When it comes to female friends, I can do without drama queens and moms whose lives revolve around their children.


Hurry up August, so I can turn 80 and can then concentrate fully on stopping the world so I can get off.  :P

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I'm an Aries.   I know I get along with other Arians.   I also tend to get along with Taurians and Scorpians as well.  My wife is a Libra and she has a lot of Scorpian friends. 


As an aside are you all seeing the astrology ads, served by Google, at the bottom of the page.  Those cats at Google are so clever (in this case I mean it in a good way)

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We are currently in the sign of Ophiuchus.  Or rather the sun's is is passing through the constellation Ophiuchus right now.  I always, and incorrectly believed that the 12 astrological signs actually mapped directly the 12 constellation to which we associate them.


It seems that the Earth's path has changed over the centuries since Astrology was invented.  If would seem that Astrology should change as well.

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No we are not Troy this issue comes Jo periodically. The zodiac and the constellations are different. Search Opichus and Shelly Ackerman. She's an astrologer I know personally who has responded to this in the media. She has also won two if three lotteries for some thousands if dollars.

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Parke Kunkle, an astronomy professor at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College and a board member of the Minnesota Planetary Society, told a Star Tribune of Minneapolis journalist (badly designed site) that Earth's wobbly orbit caused a shift in the alignment of our planet with the stars.
The Earth is no longer aligned with the stars in the same way as when the signs of the zodiac were first conceived by the Babylonians (pro-astrology) some three thousand years ago. 
Here are how the sign should map if astrologers and astronomers were on the same page.
Aries = April 19th - May 13th
Taurus = May 14th - June 19th
Gemini = June 20th - July 20th
Cancer = July 21st - August 9th
Leo = August 10th - September 15th
Virgo = September 16th - October 30th
Libra = October 31st - November 22nd
Scorpio = November 23rd - November 29th
Ophiuchus = November 30th - December 17th
Sagittarius = December 18th - January 18th
Capricorn = January 19th - February 15th
Aquarius = February 16th - March 11th
Pisces = March 12th - April 18th
This list from is pulled form this Heaven can Wait Blog (interesting article on this subject).
I did find some quotes from Shelley Ackerman, an astrologer and spokeswoman for American Federation of Astrologers
"This doesn't change your chart at all. I'm not about to use it,"
"I've told all of them not to worry about it. Every few years a story like this comes out and scares the living daylights out of everyone, but it'll go away as quickly as it came."
"...there are an infinite number of ways to divide the constellations, and that scientists are continually discovering new stars or a new solar system. Astrologers don't change their systems for every new change".
"Just as in medicine when there are new discoveries you don't change the entire system, you just work with it to see if and where it fits into existing system" 



Del you know how my mind works.  This new information (new information to me), contributes to my doubt about how astrology is practiced.  I don;t understand how one can be presented with new, factual information, and not change their perspective.

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Del that is true for many things including religion and science.


Both scientific and religious practice taught us that Black people were talking animals, worthy of enslavement.


Neither practice represents science of religion.


No Del, I can't tell you how Astrology works, but it is clear there is some disagreement on how it is practiced.  This is clearly region's biggest problem.  It is also a problem for science as well, but to a lessor extent.

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...but all these astrological techniques in the west and east are collectively called Astrology and within western astrology there is disagreement, right?


But back to my original point, astronomers tell us that heavens are constantly changing. This is a fact.  !00,000 years from now, the night time sky will be very different than it is today.


It would seem to me that a system which is based upon the position of cosmic bodies would need to change as the positions of those bodies change.


We do know that when astrology was invented no one knew about the Planet Pluto.  When Pluto was discovered it was added to the Astrologer bag of tricks  Now that we know Pluto is not unlike other large rocks orbiting the sum, and was demoted to a dwarf planet, should we discount Pluto or consider the other objects too?


If I understand you correctly Del, this is not the case. The position of the constellations, which are in a constant state of change, does not change astrology, and certainly not magic.

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The constellations and the zodiac are different in India they use they actual position. However mostly they only use up to Saturn. In the west the focus is more about choice. In India its more about dealing with your karma. So even though its astrology the focus is different

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Troy some people use the visible planets, some use asteroids, some use hypothetical planets, some use nodes some use the midpoints betwen planets, some use derived positions, some multiply the degrees. There are lots of different ways to view astrology. Light is a particle or a wave depending on how you look at it. Astrology is the same, its a philosophy and is only limited by the practicioner. For instance I'll read a transit the reverse way astrology says you should. I have my own reasons for doing so, and it seems to work just fine.

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On 7/2/2013 at 12:57 PM, Delano said:

Are there any sign types that you get along well with, which ones do you find challenging.


I tend to get headbutted by fire signs and I get along pretty well with earth signs. Especially virgos. Air signs usually trip me out and water signs I fall in love with 😭

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2 hours ago, Troy said:

It is interesting to read this 10 year old conversation. 10 years from now @Cynique will be 100 and taking no shorts!

@Troy In the 10 years since i posted what I said, i wouldn't change one word it. i'm consistent in my my cynicism.  Me, a 100 years old? I'd probably be right in step with how weird the world will have become. 🙃 

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