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Top 10 Search Terms that Bringing People to the Forum

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These are the visitors Google sends to this discussion forum.  Elias Gutierrez is far and away the top search term.  I don't even know who the heck he is!  I assume number 4 is the Clarence Thomas poem, and number 5 is the film. 


At least, a few of the search terms have to do with books


  1. elias gutierrez (multiple variations with maia campbell)  
  2. harlem book fair (multiple variations)
  3. denise nicholas bill withers abuse (multiple variations)
  4. niggers and flies (multiple variations)
  5. lorraine hansberry facts 
  6. dujango
  7. burn women as witches
  8. nadiya pendleton
  9. bronx literary festival
  10. toni morrison home zoot suit

Google's algorithm perplexes and annoys me.  I guess I should just find out who Elias is and write a bunch of articles about him to bring traffic to the website, instead of worrying about getting people interested in talking about books.


Google sends those folks to my social media platforms.  I can't tell you how many times I ran a google search to find something on my site only to have my social media platform (with just a sentence and a link) out rank my site with the full content--argh?!?


I some ways Google sucks, they really do.  Google will probably stop sending me even the Elias Guitierrez visitors based upon that last comment.


Hickson if you are lurking out there "Convicts Candy" ranked high as well.




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