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"Hiphop as a whole is wack."

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If you read what I wrote to Troy you would have seen where I said that I was attempting to argue the positive aspects because only the negative aspects are always presented. Troy thought I was naive about how powerful the negative aspects are. Message boards are a trap and that's why people avoid engaging because no matter what is said it gets lost in the back and forth.

There are positives and negatives in everything being a student of the culture means I can talk about both and that's what is needed an open dialogue about hip-hop. If we both spouted off the personal losses due to guns and drugs it would be a book.

The underworld in crime has always existed. More media allows us to see it. But I know for a fact kids in every neighborhood didn't know what GDs 4chs, Vls and b stones were like they do now. Just as they didn't know what crips or bloods were until rappers killed off the voice of positivity in hip hop. The underworld is now the mainstream and the branding of cities is a part of this: Memphis 10 a key, Lefrak is Iraq, Chiraq all branding reinforced by hip hop and things like world star hip hop. Hell one of the biggest hits made by a former correctional officer combines the worst of two cities, everyday I'm hustling...by rick Ross. The guy is from Clarksdale Mississippi, passes himself as from fade county Florida, calls Miami - m -I ya yo, has the name of one of the biggest drug dealers in LA and shouts out Chicago's Larry Hoover in the first line. Kids and adults were singing this song and copying the attitude.

My point is this in the last 20 years hip hop has become the only music not to uplift and build the black community. I see solutions in fixing my culture and so do many others. Will it end gangs and drugs? No not as long as there is poverty...but the moment a people start coming together and working towards a common cause things happen. My hope is that hip hop wakes up and realizes its power.

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This is what Hip-Hop sounds like and this is what is needed. More of this and we can start fixing it. This song came out yesterday: http://www.wearedelasoul.com/products/51944-the-people-feat-chuck-d-digital-download?utm_source=Soundcloud&utm_medium=Soundcloud&utm_campaign=The+People


This will never come on the radio and that is what is meant by corporate influences controlling the music. I get the DeLa Soul e-mail so when something drops I get notified. I then share it with my facebook and twitter crowds. I also interact with a lot of young rappers and I make sure they hear it so that they can step their games up. But it takes the Puffy and Jay Zs and Lil Waynes who have the ear of the adults and kids because of mainstream to begin sharing and producing this type of music. It takes these guys to use that money and open grocery stores and business and to start building the infrastructure for Black America. If my generation doesn't start we will be two generations removed from the Civil Rights movement and what is happening to us at the hands of each other and cops will compound the lack of reading and disinterest in education. 


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OK.  The Devil's Advocate has vacated her role. -_-   The discussion has run its course.  Started out with you glorifying Hip-Hop and me dismissing it, and ended with you bemoaning Gangsta Rap and me defending its authenticity.  Progress? I dunno.   :blink:


 Anyway, continue to pursue your dream of a better tomorrow for today's black community.  Lotsa Luck! B)

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Regarding Wise Intelligent's assertion that the high school drops outs are more conscious because the are more likely to march than their college educated peers.  This has less to do with consciousness and more to do with spare time.


He suggested Rappers did not invent the uses of the n-word, but he has to understand that it is used way more today, in the media, than ever before and rap artists are almost single-handedly responsible for this.


I was completely unaware that the popular of Black rap artists is waning!




With this knowledge what is the point?  Perhaps we need to launch a new musical genre. 


I leave you with this, my kid was playing this song (8 million views on youtube in 2 weeks).  She is in her early twenties and never knew a world without rap music of the form.  Sure she is a college graduate, but I think she, all of her peers, and the rest of us would be better off if this music was not being drummed into their heads.


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I love Hip-Hop and I despise what is being done with it. That song above by De La Soul and Chuck D is what inspires me and let's me know that if we can get emcees on the same page ( a big if, but definitely worth fighting for) then we can finally get progress and with it we can begin to change things. I have to keep pushing and writing about it and teaching because it's what I can do. I can only control my immediate circle and with my words I can possibly reach more people. Q-Tip admitted Lil Wayne into the Zulu Nation this weekend. If Lil Wayne can begin to shape the minds according to the philosophy of the Zulu Nation his popularity alone could move Hip-Hop forward more than all of the artists I talk about. These things have to happen, if they don't we will definitely stay on the treadmill.


Troy if your daughter was listening to Jean Grae or Tink (Cynique she's a chicago emcee) then this would be where we could go with the discussion.



There is a new shape to Hip-Hop starting, but it is not being promoted. It needs work and once again it's still a young artform, but it has to be more proactive and responsible. It's the only movement Blacks now have. We don't have any other voices right now and I fear that we won't have anymore voices. Cynique is right, we've come full circle and it's time to close this down. I'm very happy that I engaged in this and would do it again.

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