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The Best Deal Offered by AALBC.com This Year!


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This is one of the best deals I've offered all year.  The Sponsored eNewsletter is still available for November.  In an effort to sell it before the end of the month, putting it up for auction on eBay and I've started the bidding at $49 for the $449 service!


The bidding will last for only five days.  Learn more about this service here:http://aalbc.it/aalbcdsePlace your bid by clicking here or the image below.



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It really is a good deal.  The mailing list is 15,070 names (clean list no bad addresses), more than 1% paid subscribers with a 15 to 20% open rate (conservative because I can't track all opens). 


The bidding will only be open for 3 days. I just now sent a notice to my subscribers in the November eNewsletter.  


Chris I would not rush to grab this, just to get a deal.  When you are ready just reach out and we can work something out that works for you.

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I need a bit of guidance. When I first had my page placed on your site I was at least actively thinking about writing as a career. I was still coaching and teaching then though so I never really capitalized on it. Now I'm 5 books in and I've never done anything towards a writing career and I know the books are good. I'd love to work with you on building a plan. I run a business so I know that there are costs involved, I just don't know what to promote or how to begin. I'm ready to get started.

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Chris you are essentially talking about marketing.  I'm best thought of as a resource of a marketer.  I provide a platform where on my place advertising.  I also work as a resource to publicists; basically the people who secure media coverage (free promotion).  


While I'm glad to help, I'm not really the guy to develop the whole plan.  While I technically capable of doing it, I have to stay in my lane and focus on the website especially now given my limited resources :-)  


That said, I would start out by simply talking about and sharing more of your work on this forum and others.


We can get started by updating your AALBC.com page.


Send me an excerpt of something you think would have broad appeal.  I can create a page for it and share it with my readers in the newsletter.  Do you have any youtube videos?  Send me links to you other websites that I can put under related links.  Is there a post on these forums that you like I can link to a couple of those as well.  What is the date of your most recently published book? Is it on your page?


I would also consider the book review as well: http://aalbc.com/reviews/reviewer_guidlines.htm I can give you a substaintial discount (most of the money goes to the book reviewer).  The benefit is that the book will get a lot more exposure.  I however would not do the review if the book is more than a few years old.


Many authors focus primarily on advertising to generate sales.  The smart ones advertise to build a brand.  The different can be easily determined by looking at how they advertise.  Do you advertise and promote only for a few which when a book comes out or do you advertise and promote continuously over the course of a career?

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Okay the easy way to update the AALBC page is to give you the Amazon page. http://www.amazon.com/Christopher-D.-Burns/e/B004WTS8SG/

It's about as current as it gets with the correct links to each book I've written.


An excerpt of something I've written that has broad appeal would be the One Hour To Wealth book, but I really want to push Archie's Psalm because there aren't any Black coming of age stories for featuring Black boys. 


I have business lectures but not really any book trailers or the like. But here are a couple of websites from when I was going to get started working on my writing again:




The most recent publication is the non-fiction paperback, One Hour To Wealth. But since I've never really pushed any of the books they are all "new".


I would like to build the brand and without using too much of your time, set me up a package and I'm ready to get started.

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