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The Color of Love


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Hi CDBurns, ☺️Thanks. The songs that are in my book are not recorded.  They are " Song Lyrics" adjusted to read as poetry and published in my book via createspace wich is a self- publishing platform as well as registered at the copyright office 2015.  My URL is Amazon.com/author/jonrenee 


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I kind of got that. You should still sign up for BMI or ASCAP for your song publishing if you haven't. Also I get that you are using Amazon as your URL, but you should definitely have your own website for people to find your work. Createspace is a great tool and it does allow you to create an author's page so you are moving in the right direction. We all face the same issue however and that's finding readers. I hope you you keep pushing and find your market.

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Hi, CDBurns.  Yes,  I am already a member of BMI.  I am set up on CreateSpace which is a sister company owned by Amazon.  CreateSpace offers an Author spotlight page which is currently going through review and I also have and author's page Amazon.com, Amazon.uk and Kindle.  I am currently looking into my own personal website.  Thanks for looking out : )

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If you feel so inclined I have a banner on the side of my website that you can click and register for your site. www.cbpublish.com. Createspace is solid. I actually moved from Lightning Source to Createspace to avoid the annual fees since my books weren't selling. I do hate that I used my own ISBNs which actually limits the reach of Createspace since Amazon is very proprietary. Soldier on sis.

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Hey JonReneé congratulations on your new book.  I've added it to our website: http://aalbc.it/poeticlyric This website is underconstruction and should be ready by next year.

I would share the information in the document you've attached directly into a post.  Many people myself included do not like downloading documents.  That is one of the easiest way to spread a virus--even without the sender's knowledge. Besides people without the appropriate program may not be able to open the document. If you just copy and paste the contents of the document you may be surprised how well the format of the original document is preserved.



Chris you mentioned something about it being a problem using your own ISBN with Createspace, I know they allow you to do this, but what problems does it cause for you to feel that using the ISBN's they provide would be preferable to using your own?


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Well you know I own all of my ISBNs because I was running the publishing company through Lightning Source. Using your own ISBNs limits the distribution of your book through Createspace. Amazon wants to control the ISBNs of books produced by them. My book isn't available to libraries through this system and as I've said it doesn't show up on any of the other websites at all. If I could begin generating more sales I would immediately move back to Lightning Source since then my book would be in Ingrams and be distributed on B&N and other platforms. But as it stands, I won't do so until I begin to sell more books. 

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Hi, Troy and thanks for the accolades, advice, and adding my book to your upcoming website :D.  I will repost my poem as suggested shortly.

Hi CDBurns, my ISBN was generated via CreateSpace.  They have several distribution opportunities at which you can pick and choose.  Right now it's exclusive to amazon and amazon uk for the next 6-8 weeks and then available to all offline and online distributors, including B&N.  As far as libraries,  I've opted out of libraries but can always go back and select it as another outlet when I'm ready. I figure I will wait until my book gets a little older and going into my second book.  

The Color of Love

My heart is open.

I am fully receptive.

I am ready for what could be,

Between you and me.

The good vs. the bad.

The happy vs. the sad.

The joy vs. the pain.

The craziness of the insane.

I know you seen me naked…

But not naked spiritually.

I’m willing to bare all.

No matter how big,

No matter how small.

I’m ready to weather the storm.

Together we can defeat.

No matter what may come our way,

Whether hatred or deceit.


To captivate the world.

To overlook our flaws.

To grow together,

Whether we walk or some days crawl.

Or standing over the cliffs of life.

Breaking each other’s stumble,

Breaking each other’s fall.

Together we are a team.

We don’t give up.

We don’t quit.

Remembering our roots,

Humbling us at the seams.

Our Grandmother’s words,

Quilted in our dreams.


Love has become us.

Like the sun that shines… “The Color of Love.”

Over everything,

Over everyone,

Regardless of our past,

Regardless of our short comings.

The light is our guide,

Without it we would die.

From God we can’t hide,

Punishing our pride.

Setting a perfect imperfect example

Adored by the Angels up high.

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