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Guest Cherese Thomas

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Guest Cherese Thomas

Hi I am a writer from the Caribbean.  As you can imagine we don't have many literary agents in our region.  I am a screenplay writer and I am seeking representation anyone know of any reputable agents.  I have been contacted in the past and some have even indicated that there is a fee to be represented.

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On 1/24/2017 at 1:57 PM, Guest Cherese Thomas said:

I have been contacted in the past and some have even indicated that there is a fee to be represented.

No reputable Literary agent will ask for a fee upfront - they get a percentage 15-20%  of the deals they make for you.  As a screenplay writer - you're best bet is to look for an agent in Los Angeles- they do contracts for screenplays ; remember most screenplay writers have to belong to the writers guild - but before you can gain membership you have to first sell a screenplay - I know it sucks but that's the nature of the game.

But who knows you could be the one that breaks the mold. 

if you turn your screenplay into a novel you may have a better chance of landing a literary agent on the east coast.  Those agents represent fiction and non fiction writers.  Best way to find a fiction nonfiction literary agent is to use search engine and enter the genre of your project and book agent - for example " literary agent, Occult"  this should result in literary agents that represent occult writers.  Once you get to their website read their terms carefully - if they ask for money upfront - RUN!!! 

All this is spelled out in a great book I found "Get Published! Get Produced!  A literary Agent's Tips on How to Sell Your Writing"  Much success!

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