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Del, since will soon be twice and many people on earth as the 4.2B number you posted above, does that mean some of us will have the same natal chart.  

Now I know, of course all of these people were not born the same year, but do natal charts repeat in cycles year to year? In other words, would someone born January 1, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. in room 124 at Lennox hill hospital have the same chart as someone else born in the same room, at the same time, on January 1, 2016?


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The number is exponentially larger than the population. Since that is the number for one year. Its roughly 10,000 times larger. Although the gap will shrink every so slightly with population increases. The math geeks can check my math and assumptions however the number is much larger. 

Natal charts probably don't repeat. Since in astrology planetary motion isn't constant relative to the earth. In the same way we have never been in the same part of space twice. Aince the aub also has an orbit.

I posted this number a year ago. When I tried to recalculate it I was of by about 5 million. Which is pretty small. 13 errors out 10,000. So the number is pretty precise but inaccurate because it is understated.


Thus assumes that every 3 minutes you have a different rising. Assuming a thousand locations every 15 degree. 20 ascendants in and hour x 24 hours in a day x 365 days a year 1000 towns per 15 degress of longitude x 24 (the number of longitudinal sections on earth 
20 x 24 x 365 x 1,000 x 24 = 4,204,800,000

So there's an error of .13% or 13/10,000.

Assuming 1000 towns in every 15 degrees isn't  really accurate since 3/4 of the world's surface area is covered  by water. I can't rightly recall but i think there are  over 200,000 cities in the world. The mumber was a proxy.

So in order to have the same chart you would have to be born on the same date,  city  and leas than three minutes apart. I had birth data for a set of twins. They were born ten minutes apart one was Aquarius rising the other was Pisces rising. So a few minutes makes a difference. In this case it was large since Aquarians and Pisceans are chalk and cheese.

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Yes it is true we are never in the same point in space at any given instant in time.  Does the zodiac change to accommodate these changes to our relative position in the heavens? I forgot what you wrote (if anything) about the additional constellation in the zodaic.

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The reference points remain the same. Imagine a halo around  the earth with 12 twelve sections. As the earth rotates we face  different sections. 

The Zodiac and the constellations are different. 

In astrology that i practice there are 12 signs.

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