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Cosby.Trial,Verdict Maybe Soon.

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Bill Cosby Trial,If Convicted He Might Get 10, Years News Says. Cosby Is 79 .Over 40. Women .With Sexual .Assault  Claims,He Drugged Them...I See On The News Clemson Football Team,Met Hitler Trump. Black .Clemson Players Were Told To Go To. The Whitehouse,Black Players Knowing Trump. Is Racist. Chains Still On Black Men .In Sports  College And Pros..They Were Happy. And Proud . If The Black .Clemson,Football Players Were Told To. Wave The Confederate,Flag,They Probably Would Have...

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Cosby being sent to prison at this stage of his life would be very tragic, but if he is guilty of what he is accused of, he should have been locked up a long time ago.

The question will forever remain, why now?  Why this reaction after 50 years?

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Some things should just be left alone.

I too think it's pretty suspect that all of a sudden all of these women want to come out together and claim rape and sexual assault.

Rape and sexual assult are bad things and I can't defend men who commit crimes like these.

Plus, it's my understanding that his claim isn't that he didn't have sex with these women.....but that it was consentual....which makes him an adulterer.

So now we're gonna stand up and defend an admitted adulterer and claim he's a victim of racial targetting?

Black people really need to learn how to pick their battles WISELY.

Dr. Martin Luther King (who was also accused but not proven of adultery) when he was just starting out as an activist preacher down in Alabama had an opportunity to launch the Montgomery Boycott earlier than he did.
Apparently there was a young lady who refused to sit down at the back of the bus way before Rosa Parks decided to take a stand, but this young lady was said to have been a teenager with an out of wedlock child.
Dr. King realized how bad it would have looked publicly to rally an entire racial civil rights campaign around someone "considered" immoral and irresponsible.
It would have affected the legitimacy of his argument.....and being a very intelligent man he KNEW that ahead of time.

We should take a lesson from Dr. King.
I don't want to see Mr Cosby go to prison, but whether he coerced those women with drugs or just ran around cheating on his wife....either way the man was out of order.
I'm not gonna throw a brick threw a window for him.


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