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Uneducated White Men

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It's well known that Donald Trump's LARGEST support comes from White people without college education, especially uneducated White men.

The main reason for this is because of AM radio.

AM radio is dominated by racist conservative hosts like Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh who place all of the blame of society on Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, and women...especially feminists.

Just like poor Blacks and poor Latinos, poor and working class White men have seen their wages go down, health care go down, and quality of life in general decline....

But instead of blaming it on the policies of corporate controlled Republican Administrations like Reagan, Bush, and Trump along with the Republican Governors who do the bidding of corporations......AM radio tells White men that they are catching hell because of Black crime, women who are feminist, or communists, or that too many Muslims want to come to America and start Sharia.

White men without college education typically work in blue collar jobs like being truck drivers and mechanics or construction workers where they work while listening to the radio all day and get daily doses of this propaganda while they're working and smoking cigarettes.

They also listen to these talk shows while they're driving to and from work.

AM radio hosts are the propaganda wing of the Republican party and they have done a good job of convincing poor White men to blame EVERYONE for their problems except for the Republican business owners and wealthy elite who actually slashed their jobs and benefits.


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