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Why It's so easy to capture Whiteness People on Film and...

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You make a pretty good observation.

The problem isn't cameras themselves, but the TYPE of cameras and lighting that's used when recording various people.

I believe that racists who control the cameras PURPOSELY distort and dull the images of people of color while making Whites look better.

I noticed that when I watch news television shows, especially when they're doing reports about places oveseas....they make the people of color look grayish or dull colored.

Just watch Spanish television stations like Telemundo and look at the quality of the pictures and how clear and vibrant the colors are....even when doing real life news stories at different locales.
Contrast that with the reports from those same areas that you may see on CNN or ABC or Fox.

The coverage the American media has given Puerto Rico during their time of disaster is a good and current example where the main stream media barely even show the resident close up but always show them far off in a grainy distance wading through water and crowded around planes.

It's the same when taking a driver's license photo...................

Look at how clear and sharp most White people and their facial features show up on THEIR driver's license and then look at how smears and shadowed most people or color and especially dark skinned people look on theirs.

This isn't an accident, it's deliberate.

Most of the cameras were designed to make White people look good and people of color look.....well...let's just say....not as good.

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