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President Oprah Winfrey!

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Some People Want Oprah Winfrey To Be President In The Next,President Election. Neo Nazi Trump Says He Would  Beat,Oprah Winfrey..It Amazes  Me He Is Still The  President. He Is Doing What The Racist White Want Him To Do..Trump Honours,Dr. Martin Luther King,Not Long After Saying Why Are ,People From Africa And  Haiti ,S--- Hole Countries In This Country? .He Supports Neo Nazi In This Country. I Read That ,In 2008 Neo Nazi Was Planning To Assassinate Barack Obama ,Before The Election. They Were Going To Attack A Black School,Kill A Lot Of Black People ,Then Try To Assassinate Barack Obama  Before The Election. The Nazi Christian Will Not,Let Another Black  Person Become President.....What Would ,President Oprah Winfrey Do?

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If white women would not vote for Hillary, why does anyone think any of them would vote for Oprah?  


You know white men are not going to vote for a Black woman -- not even one who is a Billionaire.  Sure Oprah would certainly command a large percentage of the Black vote, but this is not enough to win an election -- even f the only option is 45 who despite his baggage  can claim low unemployment and record stock market highs.  Even if 45 is impeached Oprah does not stand a chance against any white male candidate with his head screwed on.

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I think Oprah has an EXCELLENT shot at becoming President and I think she'd be great for the country.

For one thing she's got HER OWN (pun intended) money and media and can help fund and promote her own candidacy like Trump did.

And people tend to like rich people....lol.

Oprah is a winner with the Midas touch.
Everything she touches turns out to be a success.

As far as I'm concerned....the Presidency is hers to lose.







Most White women didn't support Hillary true, but most Black people didn't support her either...lol.

For whatever reason....most people just don't like Hillary Clinton.

She doesn't have the charisma that Oprah...or even Trump...has.

Actually, an argument can be made that White men are more likely to support a  Black women in office than a Black man.....which means that possibly more White people would support Oprah than even Obama!

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@Pioneer1, do you think any of the white people who voted for 45 will vote for Oprah?  Everything Oprah's touched does NOT turn to success ever she has had some failures and has had to correct mistakes. She is human.


Even with Oprah's vast wealth, even she does not have enough money to launch a Presidential campaign on her own.   These things cost $7 Billion.


But she is a charismatic celebrity and than, unfortunately, is her biggest selling point.  I say unfortunately because that has little to do with running a nation as we can see from 45's presidency.


I see Oprah as part of the same rich hollywood ilk that will do almost anything for money including cosigning on the behavior of the Harvey Weinstein's among them.



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