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White Privilege Exemplified

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These young men live in a completely different world than the vast majority of Americans.  I got a glimpse of this world as my kids went to one of these elite NYC prep schools and I worked at Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms for 15 years, and attended a top business school..


Most people have no clue just how privileged these white boys.  Some Black people strive to be like them, the ones that look down on other Black people who can not be in this "class" turn my stomach -- literally, they disgust me.


That said if it is not Kavanaugh is not hired would be another clone.  Obama loved these people and used them through his administration.  The whole system is fu*ked.


On a related subject John Oliver did a segment lambasting florida and it's oppressive voter suppression laws.  There was an article in the paper where Florida discovered a guy 30 years later and took aways his right to vote.  He attempted to cash a bad check for less than $300 got a felony conviction did not server time, he has no realistic chance at appeal as the video below will explain.  


Privileged white men created these laws to enhance their wealth.  There is a opportunity to change this law, Florida, but since so many of the people who would vote for this have been disenfranchised there is no guarantee that the law will be changed, especially sInce poor white folks show no lack of willingness to vote against their own self-interests.





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