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How to Support Authors for Free

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Twitter's @Jandralee went viral when she tweeted on 12 /12/17 "How to Support Authors with Spending Any Money."


Here are some of her suggestions:

  • Review the book on Amazon
  • Review the book...anywhere
  • Follow them on social media
  • Post about the book online
  • Tell a friend (or 20) about the book
  • Say hi
  • Ask your local library to add the book to their collection..


After a few twitterers took screenshots of her tweet and posted it as their own @jandralee updated on 8/7/18  How to Support Authors + Creators without Spending  Any Money 2.0


  • Ask what helps them [Authors + Creators] most
  • Be kind online
  • Always give credit/attribution
  • RT to boost their content
  • Subscribe to [their] email newsletters
  • Thank them
  • Leave Instagram comments (seriously, it helps a *lot*)



Please add tips of your own - because any way we can help each other actually expands our own network. 


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