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harry brown


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News,Republicans. Trying  To. Stop. Abortion.  Read ,Since. 1973-Over,,14 -Million. Black.  Babies. Killed. By. Abortion..  Don't. Know. ,If,That Is. True.  This. Country. Do.  Not. Care. About. Children. ,Who,Are,  Born. Children. Live  In  Poverty,Some   Have  ,Been,Homeless.  Families  Live  In  Poverty.  Lunatic  Trump  ,Wants,Billions   For  A  Wall..  Democrats  As  Bad  As  Trump.  All. ,The,Black  Votes  They  Get.  . Black  Community. Street  ,Gangs,Black,Men  Getting  Black  Boys  In  Gangs  Not. Caring. If. ,They,Lay. Dead. In. Streets,Because. Of   Stray. Bullets. Or  Gang ,Wars.  Black. Men.  Having.  Lots. Of . Children. ,With. Lots. Of. ,Women,Not,Caring. About. Any. Of. Then. Black. Women. Letting. ,The,Man. Decide. If. He. Wants. To. Wear. A. Condom. . The. ,Church!!!Black. Preacher's. Care. About. Money.  Buying. Cars,Rich. Houses,  While. All. Around.  The. Church. ,Black. Children. ,Live. ,In,Poverty.  ....

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Many people aren't going to like what I'm about to say.

Infact I can predict the reactions of a couple.

Troy probably doesn't care one way or the other but something tells me Chevdove (one of the two people I STILL get along with here....lol) will NOT like this.

But I support the right of women to choose whether or not to have an abortion.

Although I consider it KILLING...I don't consider it MURDER.

Murder is the unlawful or unjustified taking of a life, but if you are broke and can't take care of yourself in my opinion you have no busines bringing more lives into this world.

Many of our people use the excuse that "God will make a way for them somehow" but a lot of the times it's just an excuse to be lazy and irresponsible for their behavior.

Can God make a way for them and anyone?


The Supreme Being can do ANYTHING for ANYONE.

The issue is WE aren't the Supreme Being and because of this we DON'T KNOW what The Supreme Being will do so unless you get a guarantee directly FROM The Supreme Being that the children you have will be raised properly and taken care of - you should use the common sense The Supreme Being gave you to plan your life and family in the best possible manner.

Some people should just NOT HAVE CHILDREN.....plain and simple.

Many children are unwanted and they KNOW they aren't wanted by their parents and society and wish they had never been brought into existence.
Many of these children go on to raise hell, destroy the society that has rejected them, and eventually self destruct through a life of crime and drug abuse or directly through suicide.
Not all.....but too many.

I've mentioned this before that I prefer QUALITY over QUANTITY and I believe Black people should focus on improving our intelligence and morality as a way of improving our selves and our communities instead of just having baby after baby after baby with no means or plans or even knowledge of how to properly raise these children and turn them into productive members of OUR society.

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14 Million Black babies aborted since 1973 is a staggering number, one that I've unfortunately contributed to and regret to this day. 


But I understand not everyone feels the way I do. On some level we are terminating a life.  That 14 million number could have been made a lot smaller through education, and better access to birth control. 





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Obviously I don't know the details of the matter, but you certainly don't sound like one who has EVER been morally deprived nor even like one who would have had a habit of making grossly irrational and irresponsible decisions in their youth.
I'm sure you did what you felt and thought was the best thing to do at the time so you shouldn't burden yourself with the past.

The important question is did you raise the children YOU DID bring in this world correctly or atleast as best you could?



You're correct that creating life is different than sustaining it.
It's a difference most conservatives don't seem to "get" nor do they want to.

They'll fight like hell for a human to be brought into this world but don't show much interest in  keeping them here once they've arrived.

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On 5/18/2019 at 4:46 AM, Delano said:

Didn't you.


No I did not. It was not my decision and i did not perform the procedure.

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