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Why Physical Books Still Outsell eBooks


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The video describes the situation but not why. When you have multiple competing vendor specific platforms this lowers adoption and sales. 


Amazon's effective monoply and proprietary kindle has actually made things worse. 


Imagine if the only place you could buy and listen to music was on Apples Itunes and Apple hardware.



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The only High St bookshop in the UK is now just Waterstones. I don't shop there as I think that they are pretty expensive. I occasionally like browsing in there as I like to see what's new. Maybe I just like to be surrounded by books. Book shops of the past that are now gone include Books etc, Claude Gill and Ottakers. So that just leaves Waterstones. 

Of course we can buy online but we don't have much choice there. 

The same goes for music. Just HMV are left. Virgin and Our Price no longer exist.. But there are some cracking record shops around though most of these tend to specialise in particular genres. 

As for e- books. No thankyou. Yes, they are handy and you can store scores and scores of books on them but they're not for me. 

Actually, though I no longer purchase any reading material from Amazon I still have a music wish list on there. Perhaps I should consider not buying from them full stop. The last albums I bought were on EBay anyway.

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