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Dick Gregory books


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2 minutes ago, Troy said:

I've read two of Gregory's books, hist last, Defining Moments in Black History: Reading Between the Lies and one of his first (I believe), No more lies: The myth and the reality of American history. His most popular book is Nigger.  I have not read it, but I'd probably recommend it first.


I've added Defining Moments to my wants list. Sounds a good read. Yeah, Nigger ,I think is his (1st) autobiography. I'll probably buy that first.

Cheers Troy. 

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16 hours ago, Troy said:

I read this book. Gregory says some radical even conspiracy theory stuff. The publisher said they vetted all his stuff, so I was anxious to read what the book contained. I don't recall anything particularly revelatory. 


Let us know what you discover.

It might be a while yet. Last couple of weeks, I've hardly read the Jones autobiography as I've been  busy looking after my wife post op, been off with a bad back from work and now, sadly my mother in law just passed away. 

So, things will return to ' normal ' at some stage.

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