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10-Dead. In. Chicago,Memorial. Day,Weekend.

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News. Says. 10-. Dead. In. Chicago. ,40. Was. Shot.  Memorial. Day. Weekend.  Are. This. Killings. By. Street. Gangs?A,World. Wide. Death. Pandemic -Chicago. Violence. Continues,-Amazing.  The. Street. Gangs. Are-Terrorist. Like. Neo. Nazi. KLAN ,,Why. Are. They.  Not. Treated. Like. Terrorist. .  When. Black. People. Are. Murdered. By. Street-Gangs. There. Is. Silence.  Black. Life. Matters. Depending. On. Who. Murders. You...  Black-Genocide. Condoned. By. NAACP,Churches,Political.  All The,Black. Support. White.  Black-Democrats. Get. They. Are. Not. Shedding. Any. Tears.  Street. Gangs. Are. Domestic. Terrorist.... What. Is. The. Census. Form. And,Voting. Going. To. Do. In. Chicago???? 

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