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Black Enterprise Reports 31% of children in FL have tested positive for Coronavirus

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Of course this comletely false on its face, but I gave Black Enterprise the benefit of the doubt and clicked through to see what they actually wrote. 


They did not cite a source to substantiate the claim, which would of course be difficult to do because one can not know the percentage of children with Covid19 in Florida unless they have tested all the children. Which has not happened.


Now I already know BE likes to use click baity artcle titles to get more clicks (they even got me this time), so I soured on them long ago.


I often lament the lack of  Black-owned media and Black Enterprise qualifies, but they do not represent what I mean. I mean we need conscious Black media not media that merely duplicates, poorly, what white media does.


Black Enterprise did link to The Griot, who in turn cited the Florida Sentinel who wrote:


"Nearly one-in-three children tested for the new coronavirus in Florida has been positive, and a South Florida health official is concerned the disease could cause lifelong damage even for children with mild illness."


This is a big difference from what Black Enterprise reported. Not only have they misled people they failed to relate the most important aspect of the article, the life long impact on children. I doubt they even took the effort to read the source material.



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This is why we need as AfroAmericans need "boots on the ground" reporters to ACCURATELY report what's going on not only in our community but in the world in general.


I've learned a long time ago not to take what the mainstream (or any other) media says simply on face value just by what I would see growing up in my neighborhood.


Something would happen and we were all there to witness it from start to finish.
The news reporters would be there to do the report and interview witnesses.
We would go home at night and rush to the television set to see the local news to see ourselves in the background or whatever...lol.

And not only did they CHOP UP the interview to make the person look like they said something they didn't say......
But the story the news report gives is NOTHING like what really happened!

They would even lie about the number of people involved and whether nor not it was a man or woman!

They were more than mistakes but outright LIES.


If this would happen only one or two times that's one thing, but when you begin to see a REPEATED pattern of this happening over the years you begin to realize that "fake news" has been around a long time.


This is why we need our own media who get the stories from our own verified sources.

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