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Galleys or Advance Review Copies


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As a novice professional writer and publisher, I am learning many new things. I first learned of Advanced Review Copies (ARCs). The second thing I learned about was Galleys.


Which method do you use to promote your book and get book reviews? Which one do you feel is more effective and why? If you have had some success but don’t do either, why don’t you?

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From the independent book review publisher and bookseller side.


Most indie authors aren't gonna bother with ARCs and I rarely see galleys from them. If you are trying to get prepublication publicity in the form of reviews in long lead publications who don't review "old" books. You print up galley usually these are edited though maybe not proofed.


I don't think indie authors needs to incur the expense of galley's. The finished book in advance of the pub date is more than adequate.


Now  especially during the pandemic, egalleys are gaining traction. I much prefer phyical galleys to electronic ones.

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