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National African American Read-In

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National African American Read-In


Established in 1990 by the Black Caucus of the National Council of Teachers of English to make literacy by African American Authors/Writers a significant part of Black History Month.


At its November 1989 meeting, the Black Caucus of the National Council of Teachers of English accepted the Issues Committee's recommendation that the Black Caucus sponsor a nationwide Read-In on the first Sunday of February. At the request of educators, Monday was designated for educational institutions. Dr. Jerrie Cobb Scott, an active member of NCTE and the Black Caucus, brought the idea to the Committee. It was envisioned that following a decade of rigorous campaigning for participants, the African American Read-Ins would become a traditional part of Black History Month celebrations. The commitment for nationwide promotion extends from 1990 to the present. In 1990, the National Council of Teachers of English joined in the sponsorship of the African American Read-In Chain.


Host Responsibilities

As a host, you are responsible for hosting an African American Read-In during the month of February and submitting a short report about your event that includes the location, number of attendees, and books featured. You do not need to register in advance.


Schools, churches, libraries, bookstores, community and professional organizations, and interested citizens are urged to make literacy a significant part of Black History Month Choose a book a poem, story by an African American author.


Read to your children, your grandchildren, step children, share a book with friends. It does not have to be in a large group or a public event It can be as simple as bringing together family and friends in a private setting or as elaborate as arranging public readings and media presentations that feature professional African American writers.


Further Info on AARI, https://ncte.org/get-involved/african-american-read-in/


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