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Working remotely has it’s challenges. I think that when working with an English speaking Freelancer a video chat might be more efficient and effective. Here are two submissions that were created just from email conversations.




If you are using images from the internet to express the characteristics you want make sure to let the artist know that the model isn’t your model and should just be used as a reference. This is to avoid copyright issues and complaints of unauthorized use of a persons image.


I know that a lot of graphic artist and print shops just grab images from the net and use them on flyers and business cards. As we are maturing in our crafts and promotions it’s one of the things we need to be mindful of. 

This is why as is I can’t use either of these commercially. But, it’s a worthwhile intermediary step towards the final product. One parting suggestion is to make sure your freelancer is willing to do multiple revisions.


Let me know about your experiences and thoughts.

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Really? I could see there being some confusion as to which logo might be considered "last," but the first logo is pretty obvious by my reckoning.


Why would one start at the bottom of a page and describe something there as the "first" thing on the page?

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Guest Getting Just The Right Log

I agree with Troy. The top left seems most clear to me. The image is striking and it flows. The figure stands out in the mid/right-most one, but gets compromised by the large grey background text and little globe. The left bottom-most version looks too busy to me with its large, cursive font and squeezed-in, small head. Best of luck.

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Thank you guest. I am glad you were precise in your description. It was very clear. It was decided to go with the bottom left. 

The Curl in the D looks like a youthful bang or crown. The curves represent the curves of womanhood; in life; and fluidity. The base maybe altered later to represent solid traditions, faith and foundation.

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