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Ice Cube's: Contract With Black America

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One idea he talks about (although I didn't see it in the actual contract) is the idea of a 2nd Reconstruction.

Realizing how well AfroAmericans did and how much progress we made during the FIRST Reconstruction, he figured a Second one is necessary.

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There are quite a few good ideas in this "Contract", however one of my biggest problems with it is that it relies too much on requesting and demanding that private Caucasian organizations treat our people better when that's not THEIR responsibility.

For example......

In the Entertainment Industry Reform and Reparations section we read:



Mandatory funding of “Black Studios” by the largest Hollywood studios, record companies, and Television studios and Networks to compensate for years of lack of support, stereotyping, and damage to black culture. Each will be required to fund an amount yearly. Black Studios will own and produce content by Black creators and will be run primarily by Black leadership. Content can be licensed to major studios. For a race to thrive, it must be able to create art that reflects its own views of the world. Racism still runs rampant through our society and Hollywood is providing the instruction manual.


This is essentially trying to FORCE private Caucasian industries to GIVE some of their success and wealth to AfroAmericans.
This isn't necessarily fair, in my opinion.

For one thing, they have no obligation to give anyone anything except for what they've agreed to by contract.
It's business and businesses were set up to make money, not be nice or charitable.

Also, when you set this precedent and start demanding those who HAVE wealth to just "give it away" to those who don't.....then what will stop poor Filipinos and Guatamalans to come to wealthy AfroAmericans and demand that WE help THEM out and give THEM a platform in our music, movies, and studios?

If Caucasians were smart enough to set up Hollywood and get rich off of it, we should learn a lesson from them and try to come up with OUR OWN studio-land and focus on making it just as if not more popular than Hollywood!

We have Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta and I believe Oprah has studios also.  Rather than focusing on trying to force White people to "be nice" we should focus more on patronizing Tyler's and Oprah's studios.

What's wrong with Denzel and Wesley and Jamie Foxx putting their money together for a Studio grounds in Detroit?

It goes on to say.........




Licensing of public airwaves to broadcast networks such as NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC MUST require Black produced content equal to 20% of the total content on the network as measured by time. Time slots MUST be of similar quality to other content. The same applies with radio stations and any other media given access to publicly licensed airwaves by the FCC.



NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC are all PRIVATE networks!
They don't HAVE TO produce anything.

People need to understand this.


Like I said, the White Supremacists thrive off of CONFUSION and they confuse you with words like "public" and here you are thinking it's owned by the public and you have a right to it when in reality these are privately owned organizations who have the legal and moral right to do whatever the hell they WANT to do with their companies!

I do believe the airwaves are public although monitored by the FCC.

We need to establish OUR OWN networks over the public airwaves instead of demanding a piece of someone else's network!

If I'm living in your house and don't like the fact that you have me sleeping in the basement, then maybe I should try to go out and buy or build MY OWN house!
What do I look like standing there arguing with YOU about how you manage YOUR own house?



"What da' hell you got me down in
da' basement fo'?

Why can't I sleep up stairs in the same
bed as YOU and yo' big butt wife????"



We need to get out of the habit of asking, begging, and even trying to demand that Caucasians do for our people what we are smart enough and able bodied enough to do for ourselves.
Even if it takes some time and a little discomfort, our people need to learn how to DO FOR SELF and develop our own institutions.

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On 11/1/2020 at 12:17 PM, Pioneer1 said:

Mandatory funding of “Black Studios” by the largest Hollywood studios, record companies, and Television studios and Networks to compensate for years of lack of support, stereotyping, and damage to black culture.


This might sound good to some, but this will not happen, for the reason you mentioned and more.


That would be like telling Amazon they must fund AALBC's operations and 200 more sites like it.

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This might sound good to some, but this will not happen


Not only that.....

But a more morally based question that I have is SHOULD it happen?

Should private Caucasian individuals and their companies be FORCED to support AfroAmerican "competition"?????

.....as opposed to that support coming from FEDERAL funding, which is usually how reparations funding is distributed.

In other words...
Why would the Federal government who has all of the money in the world at IT'S disposal ask private White individuals to give THEIR money to Black folks?


It seems to me that type policy would be only good for whipping up anger and hatred AGAINST those it was intended to help.

And perhaps that would be the REAL intention all along.
Not to actually HELP AfroAmericans but actually send more hate and resentment their way by suggesting the penalization of "innocent" Caucasians in the name of economic equality.

It's has a "defund the police" ring to it.

Just like earlier this year people in the media kept talking about defund and dismantle police departments.
They had no plans for actually DOING it.....they just publically talked about it over and over again.
The only effect it had was causing anger and resentment among police officers.
....which most of us suspect was the REAL intention of even talking about it in the first place.

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