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Getting paid to move


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Yep that is that is the program I'm in. There is a photo of a woman walking her dogs. I live in that apartment building.  I have not met her, some people are more outgoing than others here. 


The cities do benefit because I'll spend far money here than the $10K they paid me to move. I've been here just over a month and am really enjoying it -- despite the pandemic. 





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There is a photo of a woman walking her dogs. I live in that apartment building.  I have not met her

Lol, man that girl probably doesn't even LIVE there.

They probably used HER as a model in the advertising just to get brothers like you to move their THINKING you'll meet her when you arrive.....LOL!!!








For about 15 or 20 years they were paying White professionals to move to Detroit.  It wasn't very publicized but in certain circles it was huge program they were pushing to get more White people into the city.  But the Black presence is so strong and we control so much of the politics and school system of the city that they'd come and stay for only a year or two and then turn around and LEAVE for either the suburbs or relocate to another state all together.
So Detroit is Blacker today than it was 20 years ago, despite their efforts, lol.

People are generally gonna live where they want to live unless you provide them with a POWERFUL incentive (like love or the promise of love) to motivate them to pull up stakes and change their environment.

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She is not a model. She is part of the program, as I've seen her on our Slack channel they setup for the spooks here in Tulsa.


Tulsa actually exceeded my initial expectations, the food scene here is solid. I work in the old Black Wall Street section of Tulsa.  trying to make some local connections but the pandemic has really put a damper on things here... though you can still sit down in restaurant and have a proper meal unlike the more population dense cities like NYC 

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I had no idea you had left Florida. All my best to you. 

And I am happy to learn that the victims of the Tulsa Race Riot are being officially memorialized. 

I hope Tulsa figures out its place as part of the Sooner State awarded to Native Americans.

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This is twice (that I know of) you mentioned something about a co-working space that you do work in.


I'm not sure if these spaces are the same things I've been seeing popping up all around my city here in Michgan.  They've taken old store-front buildings and converted them into lofts with each floor being divided into little cubicles and work stations and some have mini cafes.


Why Rent Office Space Instead of Buying? | Ellicott Development



I started noticing them a few years ago.

I was walking past one with a nice barista inside of it and thought it was a cafe so I tried to get into the building an GET AT IT...lol.

...but the door was locked.

I kept ringing the door bell and knocking on the door and window and the fools inside kept looking up from their computers with annoyed looks on their faces and doing their best to ignore me. 

Finally I kicked the window (I don't know why I did that.....lol....angry I guess) and was getting ready to walk away and a young lady got up and went to the front window and pointed to a sign outside near the door and it was contact information to reach somebody is you wanted some of this work-space.  It seemed strange and I pretty much forgot about it but noticed each time I walk past it afterward I'd see more and more people lounging around inside of it busy writing and typing away while sipping on drinks...LOL.

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Yeah that sound like the same type of thing.  Our doors are open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I have 24 hour access.  yeah they have a kitchen, game room,, lounge area, etc.  


I have all the benefits of a cooperate office without the downsides (i,e, I come and go as I please and report to myself 🙂 )


outside-aalbc-office (1).jpgtroy at work (1).jpg


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What about the Covid risk?

This is the thing about a lot of these southern states (I consider Oklahoma the South)......
Many of them seem to take pride in ignoring safety measures and have a LONG history of it even before the Pandemic.   

I remember when I lived in different parts of the South they used to have men working on roof tops with no safety harnesses and doing dangerous jobs with no glasses or protective gear....and they actually took PRIDE in that foolishness.

Since this shit began the Southern states were among the last to want to close down and shut down non-essential businesses and the shit had to spread to damn near a quarter of the population and people had to start dropping like flies before those rednecks took it seriously.  Now you hear no more talks of denial, but they love to "sneak" businesses open every chance they get....spreading the virus.

Not sure how that building is set up but be safe bro and watch your health.

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The building requires masks in all open spaces. When I took this photo no one was in the office.  If no one is in the office I do not wear a mask.


You should not compare and treat a city like Tulsa the same way you treat a city like New York City. The population is so much smaller and the population density is so much lower.


Tulsan's comply with mask wearing and social distancing for the most part.  Also, cities like Tulsa and Tampa are very different than the more rural areas of the state.  One would not liken New York City to Wyoming County simply because they are both in New York State --- they are so different they may as well be different planets. 


What about the risk? There are some people who have refused to leave their home over Covid-19.  I'm not one of them. Are you?

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No, I'm not one.
Staying at home ALL the time would pose a greater risk than going out...especially in the Winter.

I've learned over the years that you are MUCH HEALTHIER when you constantly expose your self to the elements outside for a certain amount of time so that your system can get used to all changes in the environment.

This is especially important in places like Michigan where the Winters are cold and your body needs to learn how to handle the snow and cold.

I just make sure I practice as much safety as I can when I go out in public.

We didn't create this virus and we aren't controlling it on the planet so we can only do what we can do, but a lot of our people (AfroAmericans) aren't even doing that.

Yes Tulsa is much smaller and less densely populated but according to the mainstream media the virus is still raging in rural areas and western states because the officials who are charged with keeping the people safe either DON'T CARE and are ignoring the guidelines or are INTENTIONALLY spreading the virus.


I'm constantly warning other AfroAmericans, just because you see Caucasians doing something or allowing it...doesn't mean it's alright or safe.
They have a long history of TRICKING some of our people into their own destruction and using their own bodies as a sacrifice.

You should always keep in mind that about half of those same Caucasians that you see that building sipping on coffee and toiling away with their work DON'T CARE whether they live or die.  They DON'T CARE if they get the virus.  Some of them even expect to get it and die.



Top Reasons Customers Leave Coworking Spaces





Their focus is on maintaining the system of Caucasian Domination.

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The people in my office definitely are not contracting covid-19 coming in the office to deliberately infect me, the only negro there.


Indeed I'm not aware of anybody with a brain in their head that would feel that way. You realize that whole idea is ludicrous right?

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Well...... ((tosses up hands))


Not sure what to tell you at this point.


I've posted the articles more times than I remember of the FBI reports of White Supremacists deliberately going around the nation trying to spread Covid 19 to targeted communities.

Either you don't believe it or don't WANT to believe it.

So if you trust Josh, Dustin, Becky, and Kaitlyn and don't believe they'd ever put your health and safety in jeopardy.....you do you.

Why Millennials Love Friends TV Show Episodes

"Hey heeeey Troy!
Welcome back buddy...
We were just finishing up a pizza, want some?"



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Dude you have not posted a single article, from a reputable source, stating that:


5 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

FBI reports of White Supremacists deliberately going around the nation trying to spread Covid 19 to targeted communities.


It is possible that I missed it; I'm human and capable of making a mistake. So please, share just one now. Thanks.

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