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50'000 Black. People. Dead. Covid -19 Virus.

harry brown

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Read. ,50,000 Black. People. Dead. Because. Of The. Corona virus --50,000 Black. People. Dead. News. Says. Over. 500,000 ,Americans.   Dead. From. The. Virus. A. Black. Doctor. Died. From. The. Virus ,Before. She Died. She. Said. She. Was. Not. Getting. The,,Proper. Medical. Care. Because. She. Was. Black ..Racism. With,The. Vaccines. Being. Given. . Black. And. Brown. Communities,,Not. A. Concern. . ,On,. The. News. Some. Of. The ,,,Little. Rock. Nine -9 ,Reflected. On. Desegregation. Schools..... ,,Since. The. Beginning. Of. The. Corona virus. Last. Year. To. Now,,,50,000. Black. People. Dead.  !!!!!

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50,000 is only 10% of 500,000

AfroAmericans are said to make up around 14% of the population>

If the numbers they are putting out are correct, then AfroAmericans are UNDER-represented in the amount of Covid related deaths, which is not as bad as I thought.

But it's hard to believe what is true and what isn't when the figures are coming from arch deceivers.

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