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Why Is Race Relations Better In Canada?

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@Chevdove  We talked race relations and I told you that it seemed to me that races get along much better in Canada than in the U.S. and there are many opinions why, but most AfroAmericans who've spent time in both nations have come to this very same conclusion.

This is a recent interaction between 3 different races:  Black civilians  Asian civilians and Caucasian police.

Now I want you to pay attention to what you SEE and what you DON'T SEE..............



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Several things you need to notice is:


1. The police listened to BOTH SIDES of the issue.
They didn't just attack the Black men tossing them around like rag dolls and taking the Asian couple's side of the story automatically.

How many times have you seen that, when it comes to interactions between Blacks and other races in the United States?

2. Second, the officer is visibly upset with the man because when he called the police he said his wife saw a gun.
So now the officer is demanding to know did HE see a gun also and the man keeps trying to figure out a way to lie.

Would you have seen something like that in the United States?
Or would in many cases the police just roll up and AUTOMATICALLY assume that the non-Black immigrants are telling the truth and the Black people are the wrong ones?

Look at how it goes down in many liquor stores, gas stations, and other places so often where it's the Black word against the non-Black word.

The officer finally gets frustrated with the man and yells at him before walking away.
Again, would you have seen that here?

3. The officers said this was a "landlord / tenet dispute" making it clear that it wasn't a crime worth calling the police on.
How many times have you heard THAT in the United States?
In the U.S. people have become comfortable using the police as their own private security force.




You want to know why race relations are so much better in Canada, here is an example of why because the government (including law enforcment) seems to be more just and fair in dealing with all races and ethnic groups.

Not targeting some and treating others like they're special.

Now that's not to say that Canada is all good, they certainly have their problems.  And there are a lot of good and fair places in the United States.  However having traveled back and forth to Canada since being a teenager I've noticed stark differences in the people and society in general.

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Guest Canada has Race problems

It’s not better, just different, less blatant. Fewer Black people in Canada  relative to the US.

Blacks there are less vocal but did have protests. 

Canada had slavery and racial segregation laws. 

Canada will not release race-based criminal justice data. But visually the disproportionately high number of Blacks arrested, harassed and incarcerated exists there, too. 


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You're right....Canada does indeed have race issues.
However I was speaking as a COMPARISON to the United States.
Most AfroAmericans who've spent any time in Canada will say the same thing I said.

Better doesn't necessarily mean perfect.

Is subtle racism better than blatant racism?
I used to think it was worse, but after 4 years of Trump.....with all factors remaining the same I'd rather racists keep their venom to themselves.

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On 4/10/2021 at 2:04 PM, Pioneer1 said:

. The police listened to BOTH SIDES of the issue.


On 4/10/2021 at 2:04 PM, Pioneer1 said:


2. Second, the officer is visibly upset with the man because when he called the police he said his wife saw a gun.


On 4/10/2021 at 2:04 PM, Pioneer1 said:

Would you have seen something like that in the United States?
Or would in many cases the police just roll up and AUTOMATICALLY assume that the non-Black immigrants are telling the truth and the Black people are the wrong ones?



WOW That was crazy!!! How evil! I can't believe it! After all that we are going through, they do something like that! 

But to address you questions, I have to say that, in my experiences, I believe that there is some type of movement going on and it does not reflect a lot of police here in America. However, because of this strange seemingly 'secret movement' I am now very stressed about possibly having to deal with the police. But, I just don't believe that a lot of White policemen are going along with this evil movement here in America. 


All of my past experience with police have been positive and sometimes, down right funny. 

Once I was driving to work at night, 3rd shift, and I was paused at a red light, traffic light, and when it turned green I began to move but suddenly, it seemed out of nowhere this care came flying and T-boned my car from the right passenger side. It was like slow motion as I remembered it. My car went flying. Fortunately, It skidded to the left over some bumps and into a field of an elementary school yard. My airbag burst. Slowly, I got out of the car of which was totaled. My face was burning. I saw two White men who had saw what happened, get out of their car and walked towards me. They called the police and said that they would stay with me to make sure I was okay. Then the police came, a White man. All of a sudden, two hispanic women go out of their car, (they were the ones that hit me car) and they ran up to the police and started flirting with him. The had high heels one and tight jeans and a lot of make up. It was Friday night, so they were probably headed to a club. However, after  few minutes, the police walked up to me, and he was very upset. He said, it was their fault, and he also wrote them a traffic ticket. It took my side. The 2 white gentlemen called my job for me, an ambulance was called and I was taken to hospital. ...


Another time, a black young women slammed into the back of the car my husband was driving as he was making a right turn. He called me from the house and he did not want to get blamed so, I drove out to meet him. The young woman was very upset and apologetic. The police came, an older White man, he got out and too the report. Her car would not start. She said that was flustered because she was out Christmas shopping for her kids and her purse was stolen and she lost $300.00. While we waited for the tow truck, the police man tried to calm all of us down. He was so so so nice. He was dancing in the street, and kidding with me, quizzing me to see if I remembered his name. Then, he urged the woman to try to start her car, and it started and he followed her home. ...


One day I was at work, and my car caught fire. I was told to get out by a young man next to me. Then, my co-worker, supervisor, a young African man came out and stood by me and constantly spoke to me so I would not get upset. Then another co-worker, an Hispanic man, came out and told me to quickly get a tow truck before the policeman came because I would be charged a lot. That Hispanic man stayed out with me the whole time until my husband came. And he was right, the policeman confirmed that if I didn't get my own tow, it would be crazy expensive. But again, the police chief was so nice and professional.... Idk but I think this world has changed and now, I am afraid, but I have never experience racist cops and I have many other situations.


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I've had some positive and some negative interactions with law enforcement, but the vast majority have been positive.


The biggest determining factor for how well the outcome went was The SUPREME BEING's Protection.

And in my opinion, the second biggest determining factor was my behavior during the interaction.

I was taught by my Parents (as well as common sense) to say "yes sir" and "no sir" and not to argue with the police or give them an excuse to be brutal. But I'm not under any illusion that this  will guarantees all will go right.
Neely Fuller Jr. teaches you can do everything you though you were supposed to do and STILL end up dead.

The system is unjust and should be replaced.
But if you can't or won't replace it or don't have time to replace it...then you should learn to survive and be as safe as you can IN it.

The first step in surviving and successfully escaping the traps and plots of Caucasian racism is being RIGHTEOUS.
When you live a righteous (I said righteous...not religious) life, you dance around and avoid most of the traps they set to get you in trouble in the first place.

Like Malcolm X said, the White man SELLS you the liquor....then turns around and locks you up for getting drunk.

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