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Seeking Your Feedback Again


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I am about to publish this press release. I wanted to get feedback from the community before I sent it out. Thank you in advance.


Article Title: Clarence N M Coggins sponsoring a Coloring Contest for children to help counter the increasing wealth


Article Text: Creator of Danielle the Girl from the New York series, Clarence N M Coggins is sponsoring a contest to help counter the increasing wealth inequality by helping children learn how to accumulate wealth. 


This will be an Annual Global Coloring Contest that means anyone from around the globe can participate in it. As it's an open competition thus there is no age limitation as well. Clarence further adds by saying that such competitions will be very helpful for children as they will also receive giveaways which will boost their confidence and they will learn how to accumulate wealth by taking part in such activities. 


Coloring has an important place in the child development process and parents should try and add this as an activity in their day-to-day routine. For young children, this can help to get a better finger grip, early writing skills, and enhance motor skills as well. 


As Clarence Coggins is black, he knows how difficult their lives have been and can be. They face discrimination at every level. Black children in specific deal with different kinds of inferiorities, be it in school in or in community surrounding. This event is being held keeping in mind how much wealth inequality has increased around the globe. The minimum wage is so less that people cannot even meet the basic necessities of life. This is the reason why children drop out of school and start working. Only education has the power to fight any type of inequality be it economic or social. 


It is very essential for children to learn about wealth accumulation from a very young age. Parents play a vital role in encouraging their children to save and ask for work when given a small amount so that they know that nothing comes for free. This will teach them the value of money and its importance. If done correctly at the right time, children can emerge as successful entrepreneurs leading different businesses successful. 


Clarence Coggins is a big fan of Japanese anime, so his association with art and creativity is very clear. His creations like Danielle The Girl from New York, 6 Magic Can of Happiness, and more are all for children to enjoy and take lessons from. All his multicultural illustrative books teach a lesson in a beautiful manner, taking full control of a child's brain and doesn't let them divert anywhere else. 


Considering how COVID 19 has negatively impacted everyone's lives, be it, adults or children, this fun event will brighten their day, as art of any form always makes a person's mood better and brighter as children at present are unable to meet friends and family members in person due to this pandemic. 


As Clarence has made a beautiful bond with children through his illustrative storybook, they can pick whichever character they like the most, color whichever appeals to them, and share this as the submitted entry. This will help children develop their imagination in the best possible manner and will reduce any sort of stress or anxiety that they are going through as it's hard for them to explain. This would be a great outlet for them. 


This competition is a beautiful blend of different diasporas around the world and as it's a global competition, even if you're a European or African, Ethiopian or American, you are totally eligible to give it a shot. There is zero discrimination of race, gender, caste, or creed here. By hosting this contest, Clarence has definitely led by example that being black doesn't mean you're not human. You totally are. This is also a perfect form of art therapy for children who are going through a difficult phase in life, for children who are from disjointed families, for children who are differently abled. It is for everyone. This will give them a chance to showcase their art skills to the world and maybe take this as the first step and start their small venture by sharing their content on social media platforms. This way more people would be able to see and appreciate their work and they can take this as a stepping stone and lead better and happier lives. 


The process is straight and simple. The interested children will make sure to sign up on the provided link so that they are kept up to date with all the event details such as the date and time so that children located in different parts of the world can set their clocks according to the given time zone. As it's a Global contest, it will be conducted online and also due to COVID 19 restrictions around the world. 



While submitting the entries, the contestants of the competition need to understand the guidelines properly. This is the information that is required by the organizing committee of the coloring competition. This includes the name and age of the contestant. Moreover, they need to know where they are participating from such as city, state, and country, and the email address of the contestant to communicate the event details as mentioned above. Three clear photographs will be submitted which will include, one of the contestant with the book cover, one of the contestant with the colored pictures, and one of the finished colored picture alone.  


Clarence Coggins while giving further details about the contest mentioned that the deadline to receive the entrees for the coloring contest is 15th September 2021 and winners will be announced by 15th October 2021 so gear up and he awaits to see some amazing entries which will be showcased on his social media platform as well. The best part and what he actually aims to promote is that the ones who win will receive prizes and giveaways which will help them realize that they have what it takes to be the best and boost their confidence and help them understand wealth accumulation. But the ones who do not win this competition to be specific, Clarence's message to them is "You all are winners in his eyes and will get multiple more chances in future".22E0CE58-A5C8-4F32-B44E-620336F562E1.thumb.jpeg.afda7b3501591b9f6886cb6ebb329b85.jpeg

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