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Retro HAndheld Gaming consoles


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With the industrial explosion of handheld gaming consoles in the year 2021, what does it mean the video gaming industry is missing? 

One thing all the entries in the assessment below have in common is all the games are already inside and all are circa 100$ to buy the basic version. The cheapest is 60 dollars usa. It was the 9th entry. And they all are trying to emulate games already made, not make new games with the same quality. 

Anbernic is sighted as the best. Rg351M is their best model in the description below. IT can play the old games, doesn't need to be adjusted when it comes out of the box. 

To me, it is clear, the handheld market is open to a high powered system with more ingenious games. These games play already developed games in a collage ... like having a bunch of old cars you are able to ride whenever you want. But, what about new games or ideas? I think space exists for new games new user interfaces in the handheld market. Phone games are still too limited or unfocused. A systems power is needed for higher level games. 

What are your thoughts? 


Video of the handheld retro gaming market assessment


A small history for consoles


Thanks again to MErgirl dunne of BlackGamesElite 

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