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If I say BlockChain or Protocol, what comes to mind?


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Do you comprehend these two ideas in terms of programming or technology? By Oct 15th, consider below.


A bluesky contest
Our digital identities are like satellites we launch into cyberspace. You may link one to another here and there, but how would you link all of them, systematically, in a way that proves to others they belong to you?

Let’s try an experiment: A contest to demonstrate how to link your accounts and content. $300 in BTC awarded to the top three submissions, to make it worth your time.

Choose at least 3 of the following. Link them in a way that anyone can verify you are the author/owner of all. Explain how you did it, and what properties you were designing for.

A Twitter account
A Reddit account
A website... or two
A Matrix account
A Mastodon account
An SSB account
A PGP key
A piece of content on IPFS
A cryptocurrency address
Another decentralized social network
Another service/platform of your choosing
Have an answer in something that already exists? Feel free to use it, but describe how it works, the tradeoffs, and how it can be improved. Implement your solutions as much as possible. If you don’t want to actually link two of your accounts, create a new one for this purpose. Include any documentation or code needed to explain it. We’ll be scoring on a rubric of: thoroughness, robustness, originality, decentralization. Download the rubric and template here. Email solutions to join@blueskyweb.org. Multiple submissions allowed.

We’ll keep a leaderboard up with pseudonyms of the authors who submitted the top solutions, so you can check if you’re on it. At the end of the contest, we’ll publish the top solutions and reveal their authors. End date: Oct 15.




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