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My Next Door Neighbor...made NEWS today

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This lake is the BACK of my house.

This is where you see me Praying and Swimming nude in the

videos I made.

Now you can see how upsetting and dangerous this is--having him

NEXT DOOR (though we're on acres). My sons could be attacked; I could

be killed and eaten and no one would know WHERE I disappeared to!


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An alligator could certainly make a hearty meal off those voluminous udders.

Who knew you lived on a "savannah"? I thought you were a denizen of the urban environs. You know I can't resist harking back to my acknowledgment of your "boundless creativity", Kola, and wonder if it extends to photo-shopping. Yes, I know, - your ex-lovers take good care of you... ;)

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Everyone who knows me, Cynique, knows that my Ex-husband owns this ranch

and I've always talked about this place & him...since the day I first

posted on Thumper's Corner.

I have no money other than what my CURRENT man, Posar, gives me. Simon

takes care of his kids.

Not a single photograph of myself that I've presented has ever been

Photo-shopped. OTHERS create hateful images of me (such as Marcia whatever

her name is). But time will discredit all those who try to make dummy-fake

pictures of me. HUNDREDS have met me in person and know that I'm the real

deal; they've met my children; been to my home.

Troy Johnson has been invited to my home.

Which is why I can't WAIT to take a picture with you in person.

There's nothing photo-shopped about me and my life.

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The guy I remember you talking about most was Thomas, - the baby daddy you claimed left you for a younger woman. "Simon" is a new one on me. My observations stemmed from how the scenery around which you are the centerpiece is as perfect as a picture post card. I've never doubted that you are the person in the pictures you display, Kola, but your track record ain't that credible in other areas. :huh:

Anyhoo, in keeping with my new resolve to simplify my life, other people's poses and facades are no longer of great concern to me. WTF. Live and let live. :rolleyes:

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The New York Post "outed" Thomas's real name....it's Simon Palacio.

One and the same.

Once they printed his real name, I just stopped saying Thomas.

The guy who took that photograph of me behind my house is pretty well known.

He works at the World Stage in Leimert Park, which is kind of the "Black Harlem"

district of Los Angeles. His cousin is Jenoyne Adams (who Troy probably knows). It's a real picture. :D

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Yeah, right, Kola. So like I said, credibility ain't your strong suit. The on-line picture of a young, hunky "Simon Palicio" looks absolutely nothing like the pictures of "Thomas" you used to post. Not only did your ranch-owning ex get a new name, he got a new appearance. :huh:

But, - "in keeping with my new resolve to simplify my life, other people's poses and facades are no longer of great concern to me". My curiosity, however, is still in tact, because I can always depend on it to reinforce the suspicions about you that always provide me with a good laugh. Ha-Ha.

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LOL!! :lol:

I didn't post that pic, Cynique. That's NOT Simon.

He's another boyfriend of mine and the press posted the

wrong photo.

Once they post a photo, it goes from one place to the

next and they think all black people look alike.

I didn't post the photo that you're referring to, although,

that is another boyfriend.

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Un-huh. I wouldn't exactly call the generic site where that photo appeared, "the press". I suppose a fan who follows you on this board tracked down a readily-available picture of your unknown ex-boyfriend and knowing about this obscure web page, convinced it's staff to put his picture up there to coincide with our discussion about you being divorced from a man who this former sweetie is being mistaken for. :unsure:

But, - "other people's poses and facades are no longer of great concern to me." I can't help it if they beg to be laughed at. ;)

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Excuse me Cynique,

And I am very serious about this.

There is a photo of Maya Angelou's "mother" (only it's not her mother, but an

African Professor friend in Ghana)posted somewhere on the web.

There is a photo of Terry McMillan with Nelson George from way back posted somewhere

and they incorrectly billed him as her husband.

I'm not surprised, nor do I think it's strange, that someone posted one of my

ex-boyfriends and billed him as my children's father.

The same thing happened to my WHITE AGENT and ME. And it was a Friend who wrongly

assumed that Posar was White and posted the wrong photo.

MANY PEOPLE post all kinds of photos of me; about me; create websites

without my permission; fan sites---go out of their way to slander me.

I am a very controversial person and I attract a lot of attackers.

Fortunately, for me, the TRUTH always shines through, no matter how people try

to twist things in the hope that I will be damaged or discredited.

The fact that I AM so truthful is what always saves me, Cynique.

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The recently-run article didn't refer to the guy in the picture as being your babys' daddy, Simon Palicio. It asked the question as to whether you and he were an "item". A little late to wonder that since your sons have to be at least 10 years old.

The discrepancy arises because, in a very timely manner, a picture of your unknown boyfriend is available to be posted and referred to as "Simon Palicio" a name you say is the real one of your babys' daddy who for years you referred to as Thomas but whose name you now say is Simon because that tabloid rag "The New York Post' found out the "truth". Did these investigative vultures post his picture?? I find this ludicrous. Only when I said the picture didn't resemble the ones you previously posted of Thomas did you deny that the head shot in the article was incorrectly identified.

Of course, I'm influenced by my memory of the time you posted a beautiful photo which you referred to as being "your bedroom" until Mzuri outed you because she was an on-line furniture dealer and recognized this picture from a catalog display. And who can forget your once claiming to be a representative for Essence Magazine something you attempted to substantiate with a letter which proved to be bogus, forcing you to fess up to your lie. As I say, you are very "creative" and THAT'S why you are so controversial.

I take everything you say with a grain of salt, Kola Boof, because it's what my gut instinct tells me to do. So be it. No sweat. :huh:

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I categorically DENY both the things you said (Essence Magazine & the layout

of my home, which in fact, really was my home interior).

I don't mind (and really don't blame you) for taking whatever I say with a grain

of salt.

But I was not caught in any lies as you say. I stand by BOTH the letter from

Essence Magazine (which, if it's the letter I posted--I've had so many from Essence,

indeed I PROVED) and the magazine photo layout of my home.

It was Mzuri, yourself and others who claimed I made up dating Jamal Lewis

(which I tried to go along with it as a "lie" because

I didn't have permission to discuss it and had plastered

his photo on AALBC.COM).

But what do you know Cynique??....two weeks after I tried to cover it up....JAMAL LEWIS

went on the radio and talked about our dates. Now it's public record.

He even got me booked on Tiki Barber's show, remember?

So much for your claims, sis. :D

These are FACTS that can be checked.

Kola Boof

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I never got into a dispute about you and Jamal Lewis because I knew nothing about him. That was between you and Mzuri so forget about bringing that up to deflect from the issue being discussed.

And don't change the episodes or the circumstances I am referring to in order to extricate yourself from guilt. You can deny until you're blue in the face but the archives would disprove your denials about that picture you posted which was supposedly of your beautiful bedroom and how you were busted by Mzuri. And in the thread where you claimed to be a representative of Essence magazine, offering some BS memo as your proof, you were once again busted. If Mzuri was around she could pull up those threads because she was an expert at that.

Facts, hell. If we were to take you at your word, Kola Boof, you would swear that you never in your life told a lie or engaged in deceptive behavior. No, it's always that people are out to get you and that you are an innocent victim of their jealousy. The lying gene which is a part of your DNA is why I could never think of you as any other than an acquaintance and much less a "sister".

So, we'll leave it at that - unless you just want to keep going.

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No, Cynique....the ARCHIVES....would not disprove shit other than

you and Mzuri were hateful liars who had it in for me and along with

other hateful two-faced BITCHES who know nothing about my life or my living

room...such as Zane & the rest of the camp here....you all ROUTINELY

lied on and backed up each other, rather than the facts.

Sort of like when you claimed (insisted) that I didn't hold an event

at the Schomburg Theatre in New York City.

Want to go dig up THAT archive Cynique??

Never mind that Howard Dodson, Derrick Bell and countless others showed

YOU CYNIQUE to be a liar.

And not once did you back down from that lie.

So your word...when describing my life & my living room...is about as good

as a piece of 4th Century Toilet Paper.

I have never claimed to be any Essence magazine executive on this board. It's well known that people posted on this board

using my name who are not me. NOR have I lied about any of the shit you (FROM CHICAGO & nowhere in my radius)

posted about my life or my bedroom.

PHOTOS of how my house was decorated were printed in

a magazine and Nafisa posted THOSE photos. Anyone can check

the magazine & many have Cynique.

So that fact right there..shuts you and aalbc.com down.

I don't know why on earth I keep trying to be friends

with the people here. You've slandered me and made it

clear how much you want to hurt me 5 million times. I

don't know why I keep trying to make amends.


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The words of a desperate, unbalanced woman, pathetically trying to save face, compounding lies with lies, trying to portray yourself as the innocent victim of people who rip the lid off of your grandiose embellishments. BTW, that was "Urban Scribe", who lives in NY, and who challenged you about your Schomburg event; not me. Or have I ever had any confrontation with Howard Dodson(?) and have no idea who he is or have I ever had any exchanges with Derrick Bell, and I know you're in trouble when you start invoking his name because you apparently think being his friend sanitizes you. I don't lie, Kola. Unlike you, I get in trouble for being cynically realistic. :P

I won't even dignify your hysterical denials and your paranoid accusation by arguing any further with you. You are a pathlogical liar, and you know it. That's why you become enraged and lose it when you are confronted with the truth. Rant on. :D

Don't leave on my account. Just keep on doing your thing. There are people who find you entertaining. :rolleyes:

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