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Are there any truly accurate perspectives on black America's preparedness for globalization?


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"For those African Americans who have less than a college education, the loss of manufacturing jobs seriously undermines their opportunities for employment. Researchers John Bound and Richard Freeman contend that "up to half of the huge employment declines for less-educated blacks might be explained by industrial shifts away from manufacturing toward other sectors.""


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"Economic Globalization and the Future of Black America"


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"Effects of NAFTA 2.0 and Other Low-Road Approaches to Trade on Black Communities"


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"Globalization and Race: Transformations in the Cultural Production of Blackness"



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Dude, where have you been?

The United States made its shift to a service economy years ago. Hardly anything is manufactured here anymore. 

The U.S. economy is majority service based. And having a college degree has little to do with it. Why do  you always run to the Websites that racist Whites prefer? Are they your gods? You need their precious approval before making a move, saying a word, tossing a rock?

One does nbtneed a college degree to drive a commercial truck, a train, a taxi, work as a hospital orderly, in an auto plant, in a bank, in an IT department, in the offices of a college or university, or as a manager of a restaurant, a retail store, to be an auto mechanic, to repair computers, phones and tablets.  

Stop relying on the nonsense from White Conservatives. They are hell bent on denying upward mobility to Blacks and Latinos at every turn. And that is why I taught Writing and English Lit in business colleges for five years. To help People of Color and immigrants overcome this opposition. 

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