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Anti Lynching Bill

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Anti-lynching Act; Public Law No. 117-107

April 3, 2022


It’s time for us to take a trip back down memory lane, educate ourselves and cease from falling for the banana in the tailpipe.  Newsflash:  This ‘Act’ is not about justice.  It’s another tool by the politicians in Washington to get the collective “Black” community on the Democratic train.  The question everyone in the community must ask themselves is ‘Why is Emmett Till’s name attached to the Anti-lynching Act when he was not lynched?  The Democrats as well as the Republicans have used our ignorance on our history against us since the first Europeans arrived.  Now is the time for us to start confronting these feckless politicians with facts and our own agenda.  Last year, President Joe Biden made Juneteenth a federal holiday.  The second question that must be asked is, why another federal holiday supposedly directed toward Black people, when we were not the engine behind the efforts.  Immediately after declaring Juneteenth a federal holiday, Mr. Biden traveled to Tulsa, OK and disrespected the memory and legacy of the Greenwood community by not publicly supporting justice for the survivals of the 1921 Massacre.  They deserve monetary reparations and restitution which ridded them of a century of generational wealth.  This is the behavior pattern of the agents of White Supremacy, be they Republicans or Democrats; to offer empty gestures instead of justice.  Just a few days ago, on March 28, 2022 President Biden called for his budget to include $30 billion in mandatory spending to support law enforcement and $773 billion in military spending, a 9.8% increase to bolster support for Ukraine and strengthen deterrence efforts in the Indo-Pacific and across the globe.  https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2022/03/28/biden-bidget-billionaries-tax-police/7186071001.  This is Joe Biden doubling down, rather than addressing the demands of the Black grassroots to get rid of qualified immunity for police who murder Black people.  Let us not forget that Joe Biden spent more than 40 years sponsoring bills in the Senate to put black men in jail by offering states incentive from the federal government to carry out those policies.  This man has not changed and neither has Kamala Harris.  On Friday, April 1, 2022 Vice President Harris traveled to Greenville, MS (not sure why).  Perhaps she’s taking a page out of Ronald Reagan book who in 1980 traveled to Philadelphia, MS for a photo-op and to give a wink and a nod to the racists that he was on team white supremacy.  Reagan like Trump had been lifelong Democrats (whatever that means) and when the opportunity came for them to raise their political profile they changed parties.  Although Kamala Harris is not changing parties, she is essentially giving the Black community the middle finger while smiling in our faces.  Either, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are stupid, think we are stupid or both.  Vice President Harris flew all the way to Mississippi and fell to go the Leflore County location of Money, MS where Emmett Till was abducted, tortured and murdered by ‘domestic terrorists.’  Young people, to set the record straight, Emmett Till was not lynched.  As the District Attorney Chatman said in his courtroom speech, “they murdered that boy, and to hide that dastardly, cowardly act, they tied barbed wire to his neck and to a heavy gin fan and dumped him into the river for the turtles and the fish.” http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrails/till/tillaccount.htm/.  The Biden Administration, like the Trump Administration, like the Obama Administration and all that came before them are attempting to get the Black community to accept more symbolism instead of “Cutting the Check”  Our Ancestors, Elders and now we have been the backbone of this regime since the Europeans invaded our space. Now it’s time for us to learn from the Justice warriors of the 1960s who re-shaped the Civil Rights movement to become the ‘BLACK POWER’ movement.  Black Power was a statement to define the call for black political and economic power.  It was June 16, 1966 when a civil right crowd led by Stokely Carmichael began to advocate that ‘black power was their political stance.  That was their stance back then and that should be our stance now by becoming united in telling the politicians from both parties that we have no interest in symbolism.  It’s time for the United States to CUT THE CHECK.  If the United States can provide billions for foreign aid, finance police unions who assassinate black people at will and get protection from the court systems, then its way pass time that “WE” say with a collective voice that our agenda is secure financial resources for our community.  This includes Reparations and to end qualified immunity for race soldiers/former slave catchers/current policing in America.  The passage of a Federal Anti-Lynching Bill is over 100 years too late, insufficient and non-negotiable. 



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Well laid out treatise.  The truth of the matter is that white supremacy has done a number on the black community.  The historical record doesn't lie. 


The reality is that white supremacists have groomed enough black folks to do their bidding well enough to lead and leave the masses of black folks in a state of confusion and complacency with the status quo.


As written above, the current situation in Ukraine is a case in point.  White folks will swiftly come to the aid of their own and any other group of non-black folks.


Yet, reparations and/or restitution of any kind are non-starters from slavery through through Greenwood and countless atrocities committed against black folks here in America.


Unfortunately, many black folks are complicit in the continued neglect and marginalization of their own people when they have sold out and aligned themselves with the agenda of white supremacy.😎

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On 4/7/2022 at 12:31 PM, ProfD said:


Unfortunately, many black folks are complicit in the continued neglect and marginalization of their own people when they have sold out and aligned themselves with the agenda of white supremacy.

The passage of the Anti-Lynching Bill is not a trick to get Black people to support the Democratic Party. Views on race matters and racism are hardened in this country. They're not going to change.

By the way, understand that both dominant political parties switched sides and ideologies on race and racism during the 1960s. Especially after President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

No passage of any bill designed to protect the lives of Black people is going to change anyone's opinion. Those of our kind who despise us or believe we are beneath them probably share a similar opinion: Whatever violence or discrimination is visited upon us, we probably deserve it since we do not lionize folks in the GOP.

Emmett Till was NOT lynched? Do you even KNOW what the term actually means? Apparently you don't.

It does not mean always hanging a person.

Lynching is defined by several scholars and Britannica dot com as using violence under the pretext of administering justice without a trial or due process to those accused of a crime, often with inflicting torture and mutilation.

One more time, lynching means to kill someone who is believed to have a committed a crime or violated some social more that only White people could engage in - without due process.

Emmett Till was accused of whistling at a White woman. An act looked down upon when he he was alive. For only White men could do such a dastardly thing. Decades after his murder, the woman admitted she lied.

Since most Blacks who were murdered by racist Whites were hung, (the better to display the body and offer a great target for blasting away with guns), this was the preferred method to terrorize Black people. One could schedule a lynching, hold a picnic (which was often) and then cut the body up and take pieces home as souvenirs. 

But all who were lynched were not hung. Some were kidnapped and shot, tossed off bridges, strangled in secret and their bodies dumped, chased down, dragged out of court rooms and jails, strapped to poles or ties to piles of firewood and then burned alive. 

So, sorry to disprove your errant history, bub.

For more information of how you are dead-ass wrong, see if you can obtain a copy of this publication. It is a collection of true newspaper accounts of Black men and women who were murdered by mobs of White men. One Black man was murdered, for the innocuous crimes of refusing to remove an Army uniform he wore after serving in Europe for the U.S. in World War I. He had littles else to wear.

Yeah, we are such dishonorable, immoral and criminally minded people - according to some on here.

Why was the bill passed? This had been a long standing goal of African Americans and our defenders.

White Missouri Representative Leonidas Dyer introduced his anti-Lynching bill in 1918. Why? He was disgusted by what Whites always did to us during or after race riots. Or gee, sometimes for fun. Ida Wells tried for years to get such a law passed.

It took this long to receive redress. 

But I would not worry, AAJones.

For I am certain that in time, amid sustained loud whines of complaint and cries of "unfair, unfair," our mighty Conservative dominated Supreme Court shall defang this law. Just as it did with the Voting Rights Act in September 2013.

So, keep the faith. And your White hood. 


Lynching 12.jpg

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@Stefan, I figured as much. You know how I roll around here. 😁


I think some traitors get it honestly in how they were raised especially when parents either don’t know and/or choose not to teach our history. 


That's why these discussions are relevant. Maybe it will reach and teach or inspire black people to embrace and build each other up. 😎

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Of course Emmitt Till was "lynched."


@Stefan just an FYI.  Ginzburg's book is available on AALBC.  I can tell you grabbed the photo from Amazon, or a site that copied it from Amazon (because Amazon puts the "copyrighted material" on most of the book covers on it site).


I like to think of AALBC as a resource for books important to the Black community whether they are in print of not.  Black Classic Press has chosen to keep this title in print.  So please use the site as a reference and if an important book is not here please share it with us here and I'll more sure the book is in our database.


Also if you but the book from an AALBC, everyone involved with the production of the book makes more money than if the book is sold on Amazon.


Book Cover Image of 100 Years of Lynchings by Ralph Ginzburg

100 Years of Lynchings
by Ralph Ginzburg

Publication Date: 
List Price: $14.95
Format: Paperback, 270 pages
Classification: Nonfiction
ISBN13: 9780933121188
Imprint: Black Classic Press
Borrow from Library


Paperback Description:

Ginzburg compiles vivid newspaper accounts from 1886 to 1960 to provide insight and understanding of the history of racial violence.

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Troy, thank you. I actually grabbed an image of the publication by doing a image search on Google. 

I bought several copies this publication and handed them out to my colleagues and family.

One publication I really want to reacquire is "Without Sanctuary." 

I have a really interesting story from my teaching days about this publication and it involves that subway station everyone saw in the aftermath of the subway shooting. 

Once again. thank you.

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