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Why Does (Democrat, Liberal and Leftist) Black America Continue to Fall for the Hate Crime Hoax?

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Hate crimes are very real in America. 


That's why there is an Anti-Asian Hate Crime Bill that was passed with overwhelming support in both the House and Senate.  


Black folks in America are victims of hate crimes far more than any other group of people yet do not have similar protection in the form of legislation.


IMO, that makes it easier for racist white folks to continue killing black folks with impunity.😎

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I dare Nels to take his backside to Buffalo, N.Y., or to the family of Ahmaud Arbery or to any Chinese neighborhood or a Synagogue and pop his nonsense.


People such as Nels are the problem. 

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Like MOST Black Republicans and Black Trump lovers......

You don't believe hate crimes happen unless YOU'RE  a victim of one.
You don't believe that racism exists unless YOU'RE a victim of it.

Like old uncle tom Clarence Thomas who denied racism for much of his career and was against affirmative action until they tried to keep his Black behind off the so-called Supreme Court and THEN all of a sudden he started complaining about "racism" and "high tech lynching".

You Conservative Negroes are a trip....lol.

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