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I’ll take a Beautiful Black Man to go, please.

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3 hours ago, ProfD said:

I figure it's like pouring water on a gremlin. Eventually they will shrivel up and disappear. 😁😎

But not before that water turns them from cute little big-eyed furballs into big scaly monsterous mischief makers....LOL

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@Mel Hopkins

You are not a troll. You write more than one sentence and what you say actually makes sense.

However, in my experience, news room and discussion threads that ultimately pit Black men against Black women are usually self-defeating.  I did not mean for you to take that criticism to heart. 


You may believe the presence of someone who constantly puts down Black people is good, but I don't. There's rarely any substance to this dude's posts. It's nonsense many of us have read before. "We were stupid, we were helpless, the big brave White man had to show us the way."

Ever notice such folks refuse to acknowledge our race's contributions in social struggles, wars, inventions, exploration, education and business? Because they will never will. 

I don't waste time with them. Do you think a Black man of the caliber of Barack Obama would? How do you think a Stacey Abrams would react? The same way Samuel L. Jackson treats Clarence Thomas - as a self hating clown. 

The Black Race is mighty. And if someone wants to waste their time trying to convince us otherwise, then we are intellectually poorer for allowing them to distract us from admiring our Legacy of Triumphs. 


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