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Black governor candidate of Florida (Andrew Gillum ) Arrested for FRAUD !!!!

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This is big news. The Black candidtate for the governor race of Florida in 2020 was just arrested by the FBI on multiple charges of fraud.

Andrew Gillum was arrested on multiple federal charges and seems to of been caught on video committing fraud and conspiracy. This criminal was endorsed by Obama. Another reason not to vote for people just based on skin color. I felt something was up with Gillum from day one.

Andrew Gillum lost to Florida’s popular rising star Ron Desantis. Gillum campained about gun control probably because he just proved you dont need a gun to steal from people by his multiple acts of fraud. Gillum will probably go to prison for a long time. I feel bad for his victims.

This is a dark day for our black community. Thank god Ron Desantis is the governor of Florida. 

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Andrew Gillum is just another example that black folks cannot do the same thing their white counterparts do and get away with it. 


Trace the money given to most politicians and there will be some form of impropriety or fraudulent  activity in their fundraising.  Just a matter of not getting caught.😎

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But do you know who I blame for this?



Because he actually WON the election for Governor of Florida but just like Al Gore and just like Stacey Abrams who also won their elections....the nigga refused to FIGHT for the office!

They know good and dog-gone well that Black voters were suppressed and disenfranchised all over Florida and those racist were throwing away ballots left and right.  Had been doing it for DECADES.  But instead of challenging the results and taking it all the way to Washington D.C. if necessary.....he bowwed his head and conceded.
He let these racist devils inside the Democrat party (just like inside the Republican party) whisper in his ear that it's better not to contest the election and to "move on" and he LISTENED to those bastards.

Now he's getting hit with one scandal after another.

First he's caught on some yatch passed out drunk, naked, with a sissy sitting next to him grinning.

Now he's getting hit with fraud charges.

That's the price he said for selling out and letting these racist bastards off the hook when he SHOULD have not only fought for that seat but also launched an investigation to find out all who were involved in the fraud and suppression and prosecute their asses.

It's not much to say when a nigga CHOOSES to be a damn slave.


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@Pioneer1, you're right...Andrew Gillum could have done things a lot differently. 


Unfortunately, despite his promising run for Governor, his lifestyle would have become a liability either way. 


As a black man, it would have been hard for Gillum to hide his other side had he become Governor. 


IMO, these charges are just icing on the cake to insure that Gillum never makes another run for anything else.  He may have checkmated himself. 😎



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I was unaware that Gillum was photographed passed out on a yacht.  Maybe he was just sleeping...


Who was he with that would betray him in such a fashion. I guess he though he was with friends.  This must be so embarrassing to Gillum and his family.


I dunno, maybe Greg is right about us 🤪


These screen shots are from a collage out created from images they have pulled from websites.  This is directly from their search engine results page.  Now if I put these photos on my site Google would prevent me from serving their ads my my page.  They once banner an entire website of mine from serving ads for just a handful of photos.


I guess since I'm not serving Google ads I don't have to worry about it -- for now



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Gillum has admitted he is bisexual. It is a shame it has gone down for him this way.

While we are on the subject, how do you follow the money? Because with all these secret bank accounts, hidden PACs and offshore investments, there is no way to keep track of illegal funds. 

Gillum's mistake was not having a suitable support group for when he invariably became depressed after losing the Florida gubernatorial race. 

Gillum lost as did Stacey Abrams. They both lost. When the votes were tallied, both came up short. 

We can surmise, accuse and scream all we want. But they go down in the record books as election losses. 

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2 hours ago, Stefan said:

While we are on the subject, how do you follow the money? Because with all these secret bank accounts, hidden PACs and offshore investments, there is no way to keep track of illegal funds. 

See, that's just it.  These folks can either find the *illegal* funds and/or plant them in order to bring someone down.  They are dirty.  That's why I type we cannot do what they do. 


Also, that's what I respected and admired about POTUS Barack Obama.  Not only was he intelligent and smart enough to detail his life in his books.  They could not find a dirty pair of underwear while rummaging through his laundry.  That dude was squeaky clean. 


Brotha Gillum clearly didn't get the memo.  The crazy part is that he was a rising star while at Florida A&M University.  Congressional Black Caucus named him an emerging leader.  I don't know how it went off the rails to him passing out on a yacht with the family jewels hanging out. 🤣😎

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When funds are hidden, they will not be found. That is the point I am making. No one knows how much money Trump really has. It sure cannot be enough since he remains so intent on pulling scam after scam. 

Look at all the Russian oligarchs. No one really knows what they own and how much of it they do. International banking is not only secretive, it is sordid as crap. Brittney Griner would not be held as a pawn in Russia if she hadn't gotten used to living on Roman Abramovich's yacht and staying in luxurious hotels. When you sell out for riches, your senses tend to be dulled. 

Yeah, I know Griner was playing in a Russian basketball league. But the other players from the U.S. and elsewhere had departed. For some reason, she didn't leave right away. Which played right into the hands of Putin's propagandists. 

Griner may not be freed anytime soon unless Putin feels he has beaten down Trump's personal enemy, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and hung a feces smeared toilet bowl seat over NATO's headquarters entrance. Trump will never forgive Zelensky for refusing to launch a phony investigation of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, to help Trump win the 2020 election. 

I think the smart money is now moving towards a negotiated settlement with Ukraine having to cede practically all of its eastern territory to Russia. This is something former Israeli PM Naftali Bennett alluded to months ago. 

Just like the current situation with Andrew Gillum, this is a terrible and unforseen shame. 

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The current Governor of Florida is a complete fool. Even scarier to think he's considered a strong GOP candidate for POTUS.


America could be going down faster than the Hindenburg if we keep electing these clowns and idiots.😎

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That complete fool is now Trump's heir apparent.

You are preaching to your own choir.  The folks whose minds you need to change are those who still support and believe in people such as Trump and DeSantis. 

You're already got those on your side who believe as you do. 

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Many "Illuminati conspiracy theorists" claim that most people who rise to fame either politically or in the entertainment industry not only have to take an oath to be loyal to some secret group but they are forced to engage in some sort of demeaning sexual activity that will be released to the public if they got out of line.

What happened to Andrew Gillum lends more credibility to that seemingly INcredible claim.

I think they're gonna go after our sister Stacey Abrams next.


She's almost 50 years old and I've heard nothing about her ever having a husband or even a boyfriend.  There's no telling what kind of revelation they have waiting in the wings to spring on the public about her.

This is why we need to groom and promote our own leaders from the grassroots.

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@Pioneer1, unless they are victims of rape, people are not *forced* into demeaning sexual activity. 


If someone uses sex to sell their soul for any amount of money, fame or status, it was voluntary. 


Under no circumstances would a real man drop to his knees and/or bend over for another man.  Nor would a real man ask him too.


Same goes for women.  They don't suck or f8ck a man or become a carpet muncher against their will. Those are voluntary activities.


That's why scripture Mark 8:36-37 reads:


[36] For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? [37] Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?


Prostitution in all forms of sexual activity is very old and mostly voluntary.  It does not have to be forced.  No conspiracy or secret society required.😎

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