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The Brilliance Of A 22 Year Old Rapper From The Early 90s

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Compare how articulately Ice Cube handles this interview back in 1991 with how most rappers of that age and older conduct themselves today!


You can't TELL me a DE-volution isn't going on where the intelligence and articulation of so many of these young men have declined so much over the past 30 years.
The stark contrasts are obvious.

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IMO, there's no shortage of articulation and intelligence within the Hip-Hop community. It doesn't sell well.


Just as the media picks out the most ig'nant n8gglet when covering a news story...the entertainment community is doing the same thing. 


The least intelligent form of Hip-Hop is selling like hotcakes. Those who control the media outlets enjoy highlighting it too. Mumble rapper interview...take 1 thru 15.


As NF Jr. says, black folks are the entertainment under the system of white supremacy. 😎

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Well then THAT begs the question.........
Why aren't WE promoting more inteligent Hiphop artists than the racists?

In other words, if we know the racists are focusing on the negative and the clownish of our community (and many of us do) and they've BEEN doing it for decades now, then why haven't AfroAmerican producers, labels, and agents launched a COUNTER offensive and promote the positive Rappers in the media, online, on tours, etc....

Kanye West said 400 years of slavery was a CHOICE.
Although I don't agree entirely with that statement nor his intentions behind it, I'm understanding it more and more.

Once you REALIZE you are a victim and have been targeted but then continue to do little or nothing about it, what does that say?

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@Pioneer1, well bro...Money is a mean motherf8cker.


AfroAmericans have access to just enough money to keep their mouths shut and go along with the program on all sides. 


Gross consumerism is the opiate that keeps AfroAmericans from fighting for more than crumbs.


Being able to afford trinkets..clothes, shoes, house, vehicles, vacations, liquor, drugs  etc., is enough to keep our people stuck in neutral. 


The system of white supremacy has mastered the art of giving people just enough to anesthetize them into obedience and subservience. 😎

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