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Beyond. Uhura And. Other. Memoirs. Michelle. Nichols.

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Legendary. Star. Trek. Actress. Nichelle  Nichols. Died. ..Besides. ,Acting. She. Was. Involved. With. NASA. .Women. And. People. Of,Color.  Getting. Them. Involved. In. NASA ..One. Of. Her. Books,Beyond. Uhura .And. Other. Memoirs. ...She. Was. ,Interesting.......The. Kiss. With. Captain. Kirk .First. Interracial. Kiss ,,On. TV.  She. Played. A. Important. Role. On. Star. Trek. ,She. Was,The. Fourth. In. Command. On. The. USS  Enterprise...Other,Roles. For. Black. Women. Were. Maids......

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I was a teenager when Star Trek came on the air. I had been since age 9 very pro-civil rights, after an epiphany at age 9 when we visited Virginia and I first saw Jim Crow segregation... well that's another story. Some racist VA cracker turned me into a supporter of the movement very quickly when in his anger he revealed to me the real face of racism. It was scary and evil, like looking into the face of a devil.


Anyway... so when I saw Lt. Uhura on TV I was very glad. She was supercool. She was black. The only bigotry on that show was that Dr. McCoy didn't like Vulcans! 


Star Trek has been a force for good. Remember the episode in the original series with the people from a planet where they were black on one side and white on the other, but they hated each other based on which side was white and which black. A very obvious message that RACISM is stupid.


What Nichelle Nichols did regarding NASA was brilliant. Really I love all those actors. Shatner is cool. George Takei, I love when he sounds off.


Ms. Nichols did indeed "boldly go", fighting for a better future. I know where she is now, she is also good and courageous.

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I have never witness Jim Crow segregation.  I grew up in the north and was too young to remember it.  My youth was of the 60's and 70's was, I suspect, as segregated the Jim Crow south. 


In fact many southerners said northern racism was worse, because in the south the racists make it clear.  Northerners hide it.

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