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Dr. Ray Hagins on why the Bible cannot be the word of God


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Interesting message I saw recently from Dr. Ray Hagins a former pastor on why the Bible can not be the word of God

The content where he offers his evidence really begins at the 43 minute mark for those who have time and want to hear the message:



Much of what he said I already know, but maybe some of you may be more interested in hearing it and deciding for yourself.

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Geez, @Pioneer1



He's old news.

We should be done with men like him who push that he is a doctor of what he is talking about, when in fact, he got his degree in something like psychology. 


I listen to about 5 minutes of his rants and he tries to explain away ST MARK 16:9-20 when Jesus rose on THE FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK.

That passage is detailed and framed in ASTRONOMY all throughout the 6000 years of prophecy.

Sunday, October 19, is the first day of the week, early in the morning after the end of Sabbath. And the women after 6pm at the end of sabbath went about getting spices to anoint the body in the tomb. GEEZ. 


Then Hagins, talks about being a pentacostal preacher and then turning to the belief in HORUS and Egyptian idols!!! 

Listern, that Horus idol was made to go against the Upper Egypt triad of Mut/Khons... and this history includes White Supremacy that infiltrated Egypt.

Horus was good and Seth the BLACK PIG was evil... and now, all Negroes represent the evil Black pig seth. We need to get past this kind of 

White infiltration of ancient script.

All Hagin has done was to add confusion. He had the nerve to accept the White British man Bulge. LOL. 

We need to move on and relook at this White Jesus idol and realize that is made up and Black people should not follow white racist in throwing away the truth about the Biblical Jesus. 




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